GPS Census:    ALERT!       ALERT!        ALERT!

We seem to have the answer about who wants the GPS coordinates of your front door.  The United Nations wants this information.  The U.S. participates in all information gathering and sharing with the UN.      

The following link is to a PDF document on the UNSTATS (United Nations Statistics) website.  The title of the document is:

 Integration of GPS, Digital Imagery and GIS with Census Mapping

If for some reason you can't get that document, you can get a copy of it  HERE

The following is an image and the corresponding text from Page 4 of this United Nations document:


10. Geographic information is about the management of data that are geographically referenced, in order to provide sound information for better decisions. Geographic information is emerging as a fundamental part of the national infrastructure as important as physical infrastructure assets such as roads, telecommunications, and other public utilities. Indeed, there is a growing awareness worldwide of the economic importance of geographic information with applications in many sectors (regional planning, land management, environment/natural resources, health care, transportation, urban systems, marketing studies).



It's more important than ever now - when you receive an "American" Community Survey, the Agricultural Survey - in fact, ANY survey, just say:

None of Your Business!



May 4, 2009
11:26 pm