Cat's Out of the Bag - The Tontine Exposed?


AIG Hearing Afternoon Panel  (3/18)

Audio Clip  beginning  approximately  3 hours and 3 minutes (3:03)  into the hearing:

Representative Alan Grayson (FL):      

Link to C-SPAN video of AIG Afternoon Panel:

Then on Representative Grayson's website, he questions the CEO of Citigroup: 

Rep.  Grayson Questions Citigroup CEO About The Terms Of Government Assistance His Firm Received 

My suspicions are that AIG and Citigroup whether colluding or not, figured out a way to extort hundreds of billions of dollars from the American people for the Millennium Development Program - another name for it is the Global Marshall Plan -   global socialist, one world totalitarian system.     
I think Field McConnell and Hawkes   are right.   They are involved in a tontine.  And the game is terrorism - like 9/11.   And even if it isn't a tontine, it's clear that American citizens are paying off blackmailers with the bailout/TARP money. 

Vicky Davis
March 19, 2009