By Vicky Davis



The corporate philosophy of Enron, “Revolt, Revolt”, “Be a Rule Breaker”, “Be A First Mover” was the same philosophy used by Dick Cheney and Rumsfeld’s Office of Special Plans, in preparing their case for the war on Iraq.  They used fabricated evidence.  They tricked the Congress.  They tricked others in the Administration - like Colin Powell.  They were the Revolutionaries!  The First Movers!  Revolt!  Revolt!

Why would they take such a risk?   Because the “For Sale” sign was posted during Reagan’s Administration, negotiated during Bush 41’s Administration, was opened for business during Clinton’s Administration and  Bush 43’s contribution to America’s Going Out of Business sale is the Final Days….Everything Must Go! sale.    

It’s not a coincidence that nearly all people in this administration were in the Reagan Administration and it’s not a coincidence that they were nearly all involved in Enron.  On some program, I heard someone say:  “It’s own - or be owned”.   That makes sense in the context of America being sold out from under us - right under our noses. 

When you step back and take a look at it, here is what happened:

  Ronald Reagan

George H.W. Bush




William Clinton







George W. Bush





Initiated the Revolution - break unions, privatize everything, the world is a market

Executive Order 12803 -  Order to sell U.S. infrastructure

Robert Zoellick - proselytizing global ‘free trade’ - notifying ‘customers’ that the U.S. was up for sale.   Negotiating NAFTA and Uruguay Round from which the WTO was born.  Everything is up for trade - including living and working in the U.S. (own or be owned). 

Dissolved SAC - Strategic Air Command - America's Defense 

Signs NAFTA agreement - erasing America’s borders and signing away U.S. sovereignty.  All advantages are for corporations that leave the U.S.

Signs WTO which puts the United States - on the auction block.  By giving advantage to foreign countries and businesses, they were selling U.S. businesses by selling market access for what they knew would be cheaper imports. 

‘Reinvents government’  meaning that they started contracting out government functions.  The budget surpluses during this period were removing government employees from the payroll and selling off government property.  The contracts that privatized government functions were loss leaders.  That’s a routine way of doing business with the government - it’s a buy of the contract with the knowledge that losses can be made up with price increases at a later date. 

MFN for China - virtually unlimited imports using 50 cents per hour labor and no oversight or enforcement capability for few limitations in the agreement

9-11 Hegelian dialect - pretext to establish a police state in preparation for the dissolution of the United States and provides the opportunity to loot the U.S. Treasury - to finish us off.  Iraqi Oil is bonus for cronies.   

Lou Dobbs June 28, 2006


WALKER: Well, many people know that we have a serious financial problem. But they don't realize how serious. We have gone from $20 trillion in total liabilities and unfunded commitments five years ago $46 trillion.

DOBBS: Can you say that again?

WALKER: From 20 trillion to 46 trillion in five years and it is going up every second of every minute of every day because we're still running debts at or near record rates. Demographics are working against us. Interest costs are compounding against us because we're a debtor, not an investor.





The Free Trade Area of the Americas: Laying the Cornerstone for a Community of the Americas

Official FTAA website

Notice - on the left    ONIA

Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America

Joint Statement - North American Leaders Unveil Security and Prosperity 'Partnership'  Notice left hand side under the heading 'Regions' ......"The Americas"

North American Partnership Offers Agenda of Prosperity (but not for American Citizens)

North American Partnership Offers Agenda of Security (but not for American Citizens)  

SPP.Gov  - Partnership in Treason Website


The 'free trade' agreements are Treason by Trade.   These trade agreements are a rigged game in which our domestic producers are put at a disadvantage. Goods from foreign countries can be imported into the U.S. duty free.  The foreign trading 'partners'  are allowed to continue to charge punitive tariffs (as high as  40%) on goods entering their country.   This means that our domestic producers have no market for their goods plus they have to compete with cheaper imported goods.  Naturally they are dropping like flies.  Succinctly stated, the trade agreements are being used as arbitrage against our own economic interests. 

Add to the above, tax breaks are given to help manufacturers and now knowledge businesses move out of our country - into the foreign countries with the preferential trade terms.  This is not only draining our country of the wealth, it is robbing us of the knowledge base that made us a superpower in the first place.  Within 10-15 years we will no longer have the capability - financial or intellectual to rebuild our manufacturing base and we are fast losing the knowledge industries.  We are headed for the third world because we can't even feed our own population - we have become a net importer of agricultural products.

The prescriptive for the loss of manufacturing and knowledge industries is the importation of cheaper labor thereby driving wages down and causing the elimination of benefits.  The propaganda says that we have gotten lazy, fat and stupid - none of which is true.   It won't make any difference how many cheaper workers they import - because the trade agreements are written to ensure that the U.S. businesses can't compete.  As the domestic businesses fail, the multinational corporations move in to pick up their share of the market.  Walmart is the best known example of this predation by the multinational corporations.

Add to this, the massive importation of cheaper labor is stressing our infrastructure to the breaking point - hospitals are closing, schools are failing.   We are losing the tax base to pay for the infrastructure as production and jobs are exported.   The jobs that are being created are not only low paying (Walmart) but because of the reduced benefits or no benefits, it is stressing our social safety nets to the breaking point. 

We're in an economic death spiral because of the trade agreements that have been signed - Treason By Trade.  Economic warfare waged against us by traitors within our own government. 

What we need is a constitutional amendment to define the crime of Economic Treason and we should make it retroactive so that we can hang that bastards who have done this to our country.