Letter to the Editor

The following is a Letter to the Editor of the Idaho Post Register in Idaho Falls, ID.  It's being sent out over the Internet to email lists because the Post Register apparently filed it in the round file.  Here is the Email in it's entirety:

Dear Jane:  Recently, Andi Elliott, Tea Party Patriots Idaho State Coordinator, sent a letter to the Idaho Post Register regarding the Chinese/Idaho relations and she sent me a copy.  I asked if I could send it to my list and after a week, she gave her approval saying, "The Post Register says it knows nothing of this and so, I assume, is researching this but I haven't  heard anything yet about whether it will publish my op ed NOR have I had a response from Gov Otter's office. Go ahead and send it out to your friends...hope it will do some good."

Andi Elliott's letter to the Idaho Post Register

Could this be treason? Idaho , China is coming to town. The Communists are coming and not by stealth but by open invitation from our Governor whom I have strongly supported…until now. I was personally able to thank Governor Otter for standing strong against the federal government regarding the unconstitutional health care law. Using his own example, I now am taking a strong stance against “the Communist-Connection” that he has invited to Idaho .

Our state officials during their taxpayer funded 2010 June trip, have “courted” and “won the hand” of the Chi Coms…and we won what? So, what does Idaho get from this deal? We get a 10,000-30,000 acre self-sustaining community of Communist who will be hiring “their own”…and yes, I’m sure there will be some crumbs for Idahoans. Will they be flying the Red China flag? I wonder.

While I realize that money is the “raison d’etre”, let’s set financial considerations aside for the moment. What do you think will be the unintended consequences (or perhaps “intended”) to the culture and traditions of our Idaho . This very day, China ’s president is conferring with Obama about a “post-America” world. They are coming and they won’t be leaving.

In fact, Governor Otter has arranged “fast track” citizenship for them. Are we selling our much coveted “American citizenship” for financial gain…you know, the one that people are willing to die for while trying to come to America for the freedoms that only Americans enjoy? Is American citizenship being used as a pawn much as the pull-string game at a carnival to which a Chinese-made toy is attached? It certainly cheapens the coveted “prize”, doesn’t it?

Come on folks…remember about the Communist Chinese…where throughout history people have been rounded up and then disappear, or where educators have been sent to the fields to labor, or where tanks run over dissenters, where people routinely starve to death, where forced abortions occur…you know…that China. This is the China that steals our secrets and pirates our intellectual property. The China that makes over 16,000 attempts each year to hack into our security systems. The China whose environmental record is a disgrace even to the most indifferent of environmentalists. The China which literally stuffs crates with small dogs then cruelly “skins them alive”. You know… Wal-Mart China .

So, tell me again why we are allowing this? Oh, that’s right…it’s the money “stupid”.

America is in the crosshairs of Red China and they are out maneuvering us by quantum leaps condoned by our pro-Communist administration. This is about the best shot that China has ever had to make their long-awaited goal come to fruition. Tell me, why would you invite a stated enemy into your home? Could this be treason?

Andi Elliott



Tea Party Patriots Idaho State Coordinator
Idaho Falls Tea Party Organizer
Patriotic Resistance Idaho State Coordinator
Idaho District 2 Coordinator Anystreet.Org