Red Alert

Do we need the RED Communist Chinese Government as a "partner" in our energy grid?

I don't think so!!!

Coeur d'Alene Press... just moments ago

BOISE — Idaho could become home to operations of a large Chinese company that could employ local residents for energy infrastructure projects.

Plans are only in the speculation stages. But a local representative of the company said he thinks Sinomach will establish facilities in the Boise area and could work on projects that cross the state.


Don mentioned the Gateway West Transmission Line project that crosses Southern Idaho as a possibility for the company. But he said it would likely start smaller than that and possibly work its way to bigger plans

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Chinese Company Officials Meet with Leaders of Idaho, energy firms

Officials of the China National Machinery Industry Corp. met this week with Idaho state, utility and industry officials to show off their ability to design, build and maintain everything from power plants to high transmission lines.

Sinomach, is China’s third largest contractor with more than $14 billion in sales last year. Jeff Don, President of C3 of Eagle arranged the delegation's visit.

They talked to Idaho Power Co. and Rocky Mountain Power and the Mountain States Transmission Project about building the major transmission lines the two utilities have planned. They also talked with several other Idaho energy and manufacturing companies about projects ranging from coal-gasification, nuclear power to turning biogas into power.




Look at the Organization Chart - COC is Communist Party of China

Do you think this is "just business"?     It's NOT.

Gateway West Transmission Line


I called Idaho Power and spoke to a supervisor about this.  He could not comment on it.  He just referred me to their corporate information website. 

Pacific Northwest Economic Region (PNWER)  -  Energy Working Group


A friend just sent information to me about the North American Energy Plan - here it is:

North America

The Energy Picture

prepared by

North American Energy Working Group

June 2002

Natural Resources Canada