Response to the Oh So Lame Cherry

After reading the screed by Lame Cherry on the website about my friend Debra Niwa and her compilation of information on Sarah Palin, I did a search.  Here’s what I found on a blog profile written by the Lame Cherry himself:     

“[He] was actually alive once, but was caught in a transporter beam by James Doohan and in a photonic mix up burned onto a perpetual CD of the rock group, Lame Cherry, and now only exists on harddrives in a world of experts who hide behind computer screens never living the existential experience of life.”

That explains everything.  Lame Cherry’s hard drive has a bad sector 0.  His root directory is scrambled and he’s pumping out garbage under somebody else’s name.

[Note:  When I was checking my links after posting this, I tested the newsbusters bio link.  Funny thing.  The bio is gone... but not to worry.  I had a hunch that the bio would disappear so I copied the page and saved it.   You can see it by clicking HERE.]    

It’s disappointing that Rense would publish a purely ad hominem attack written by a man (presumably) who doesn’t even have the stones to put his real name on it.  That was insult after injury because when Rense’s webmaster posted Debbie’s research, he stripped out all of her links to the source articles.   I’ve posted Debbie’s entire piece with the links on my website.     

Specifically to Lame Cherry’s diatribe:


You’ll find evidence of Lame Cherry’s scrambled brain when you unscramble the following written by Cherry:

Debbie Niwa is termed the Patron Saint of Patriots. She has not refuted this messiah-like title like Barack Obama, leaving the conclusion she agrees with such behavior or perhaps she is part of the Jesuit Black Pope order recorded as attempting the conversion and overthrowing of the United States government.


Debbie was called the ‘Patron Saint of Patriots’ by Judi McCleod, Canadian Free Press, in an article on the North American Union in which she gives Debbie well-deserved praise for her research titled, ‘The Emerging North American Union (NAU)”.   So what’s to deny?  Judi was right.  Debbie spent months putting that information together, professionally formatting it and she made available to all - for free.  The only people who would argue the label would be the traitors who deny the existence of the NAU.  How he connected that with Barack Obama and the other nonsense is a mystery - but then that’s what happens when a person gets trapped inside a hard drive with scrambled indexes.  You can’t trust the retrievals. 

Next, Cherry tries to link Niwa with the Iowa John Birch Society claiming that they are a Rockefeller front group for the New World Order - attempting to overthrow American  sovereignty by the North American Union which Debbie claims to be against.   I couldn’t find the Iowa JBS link that he was talking about - but I do know that Steven Yates wrote a glowing review of Debbie’s ‘Emerging North American Union’ so I assume that’s what he was talking about.   As for the implication that JBS is trying to overthrow the union - that’s completely laughable.  The JBS is one of the few organizations that has actually done extensive research on the North American Union and all of it says - “Wake up you brain dead Americans!  We’re losing our sovereignty!”   (my words - they are much more polite).  

The next few paragraphs that Cherry wrote are really from out in the ozone.  He rambles on about the Cleveland Free Press and some rock band named Buck Cherry and something about an ad for Miller beer.  Whoa!  This guy Cherry - the Lame one - not the Buck - has some serious problems with his mental processes. 

There are a few more paragraphs of pure pap that he wrote attempting to make the point that you shouldn’t believe anything you read about Sarah Palin no matter the source - except if it comes from a friend of Sarah Palin’s who lives in Wasilla.  Then, for lowest form of emotional appeal to his readers (if he has any):  “vote for Sarah because she has a Downs Syndrome child that she didn’t abort”.   That’s nice, but it has nothing to do with the job of being the Vice President of the United States.  In fact, I would say that I’d have to question the judgment and the commitment of a woman who has a special needs child who is running for national office because Trig will need a lot more from a mother than a kiss good morning and a kiss goodnight because that’s all he’ll get from her if she and McCain are elected.


At the end of Lame Cherry's profile on the newsbusters website (above), he ends with a slogan that presumably sums up his philosophy of life:

"Better to leave the thinking to God as He has the mind for it".

That is one of the most profoundly stupid statements I've ever seen in print.  Here's some news for you Cherry, God doesn't live here anymore.  God can't solve all your problems otherwise you wouldn't be living in a hard drive with a scrambled index.  You insult God because he gave you a brain and presumably he intended for you to use it and you are letting him down.

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