Solution Time for the Pandemic Dialectic


On May 5, 2009, the U.S. State Department, Bureau of International Information Programs issued two statements - one by Hillary Clinton; the other by Barack Obama.  The subject:   Obama's 'Global Health Initiative'.   

Obama Proposes Massive Health Initiative

Washington — The United States is launching a six-year global health initiative that will help some of the poorest regions of the world fight health challenges that kill people who could otherwise be saved with improved health care, says President Obama.

“That is why I am asking Congress to approve my fiscal year 2010 budget request of $8.6 billion — and $63 billion over six years — to shape a new, comprehensive global health strategy,” Obama said.

“We cannot wall ourselves off from the world and hope for the best, nor ignore the public health challenges beyond our borders.”

Notice in Hillary's statement, she alludes to the fact that this is really about computer systems and the global control grid.  Recall that in 1993, the Hillary was involved in redesigning the U.S. Health Care System with Ira Magaziner.  "Hillary Care" program.  What they were doing with that was misrepresented in the media also.  The design they were working on was nationalize your personal medical records.  

Statement by Hillary Clinton

The President’s new global health initiative will be a crucial component of American foreign policy and a signature element of smart power. Bringing better health to people around the globe is an avenue to a more secure, stable, and prosperous world. Our investments in programs to combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, TB, and other preventable diseases save millions of lives, reduce maternal and child mortality, and reflect our nation’s leadership as a positive force for progress around the world.

With the President’s new initiative and expanded focus, we have an opportunity to further leverage our technical knowledge and expertise, build stronger regional and global partnerships, and use our resources to expand the promise of good health that is the foundation of stronger and more stable families, communities, and societies.

What resources Hillary?    Our economy is sinking like a stone despite the lame attempts by the talking heads of the mind control box to put on their Happy Faces to trumpet the good news that the manipulation of the stock market computer systems IS WORKING!   Statistics are LOOKING UP!  Whoopie.

What Obama's 'Global Health Initiative' really is - is an economic stimulus program for Microsoft, Cisco Systems and probably Hewlett-Packard.  The "smart power"   would be more accurately named electronic police state power.  And, it isn't even Obama's initiative: 

World Economic Forum:   Global Health Initiative

"For the first time in history, we can track the evolution of a pandemic in real-time." 
WHO Director-General Dr. Margaret Chan, April 29.

Tangentially related issue:

Last week, in the Outsourcing Opposition group I belong to, one of people sent out the following link to an article from the India Business Standard website:

Nasscom changes stance on US visa issue

With the anti-outsourcing sentiment in the US touching all-time high owing to large-scale job-cuts, Nasscom, the apex body that represents the Indian IT outsourcing industry, has decided to change its strategy on the proposed H1-B, L1 visa legislation in the US Senate.

Nasscom has been quite vociferous against the proposed legislation introduced by senators Chuck Grassley and Dick Durbin. But now it does not want to talk about H1-B or L1 visa. Instead, what it wants is the ‘service visa’.

“From our prospective, US probably is one of the only countries in the world which does not have what we call a temporary visa or service visa or a work permit. So we will keep working on this and we are quite confident that the Bill (H1, L1 visa legislation) will get converted into comprehensive reforms Bill. Our objective will be not to talk about H1 and L1, but to really get a service visa,” said Nasscom president Som Mittal.


The reason that H1 and L1 visas have become a lighting rod issue is because they've been used to drive American citizens out of the software and engineering fields in our own labor markets.  The corporate propaganda is that there is a "shortage" of qualified Americans; that Americans are stupid; Americans are lazy; Americans didn't keep up technically and the prize goes to Chairman Chao of the U.S. labor department who said that Americans don't bath enough!   The real truth however is that the Digital Fascist Dons of Davos are using the United States as a vocational education camp to "Bridge the Digital Divide" - so that they can sell software, hardware and telecommunications equipment to other countries.  And here is the insult on insult on injury - the WTO has a on-going initiative "Aid for Trade".  So in effect, money goes from the U.S. taxpayers to the NGO's to pay for "aid" which goes then gets paid to the Digital Fascist Dons:  Bill Gates, John Chambers and the rest of the techno-crime syndicate. 

Initially, I was pleased that NASSCOM was recommending the use of the term "Service Providers" because that gives us the opportunity to confront the members of Congress to ask that they explain, "Service Provider".  Use of that term will eliminate the ability of Congressmen to feign ignorance of the fact that the United States is engaged in human flesh trade by the inclusion of "service providers" in the international trading system managed by corporate crime syndicate under the label 'World Trade Organization'.   However, in view of the 'Global Health Initiative', I see the reason for the strategy switch.  The Fascist Davos Dons will now be importing primarily Africans who will be the population for the 'Bridging the Digital Divide' initiative.  The Indians no doubt realizing that they are going to be displaced, are trying to formulate a new strategy to hang on to the jobs they took from us.  And my prediction is that even more Americans will be pushed out of the labor market - and the standard of living overall will decline as wage rates move even lower.  

If you haven't picked up on the strategy of the importation of foreign workers yet, don't think of it as "just business".  Think of it as war by stealth - because it is and the occupying forces are being imported in the name of "just business". 

Vicky Davis
May 9, 2009