The "Un-Sexy" Way To Take Back Our Country

May 10, 2007


Listening to the House Judiciary Committee hearing this morning starring Alberto “Gonzo” Gonzales, I was reminded of the movie “The Firm”.  In that movie, a young attorney accepts a position with what turns out to be a corrupt law firm.  The Feds are in the process of investigating The Firm so they entrap the young attorney in order to get his cooperation in their investigation.  This puts the attorney in a lose-lose situation.  If he helps the Feds, the mob will get him.  If he doesn’t help the Feds, he’ll go to jail.   A client inadvertently gave him the solution when he complained about the firm’s over-billing and the fact that the bills were sent through the mails.   Putting the fraudulent bills into the U.S. mail made them guilty of Mail Fraud.  The young attorney was able to give the evidence of mail fraud to the Feds.  He escaped the wrath of the mob because he was able to maintain attorney-client privilege as it pertained to their money laundering operations.  


The Feds weren’t particularly happy because the crime of mail fraud wasn’t “sexy” enough.  But as the young attorney pointed out, he gave them more evidence against The Firm than they had against Al Capone who was convicted on income tax evasion. 


Consider me the client - and I’m giving you the case.  It’s not mail fraud.  It’s not sexy.  But it will work because the evidence is overwhelming and the trailheads to the evidence are in the public record. 


The case involves wrongful death, racketeering, theft, fraud, breech of fiduciary responsibility, and I do believe that by a preponderance of the evidence - maybe even beyond a reasonable doubt evidence (thank you Judge Wapner), a case could be made for systematic and willful sabotage of government operations to such an extent as to be treasonous.  


The real problem of course is to find an honest Attorney General and an honest Judge.  And what a sad testiment to our nation it is that it should even be a consideration.   But the people who are behind the corruption of our government - and the treason of sabotage have done a good job of covering the bases.  They put the judges in office (ref: Union Pacific donations to Traditional Values Coalition (TVC).  TVC lobbies for judges.  Union Pacific has an interest in the international corridor system, eminent domain, all of which requires cooperative judges).  


But the ray of hope is that there are plenty of greedy class action attorneys who are always looking for a case.  And they will find their cases by looking at the information systems of the government. 




They have a case against the government and the computer contractor if one soldier died as a result of the military supply chain management computer system that prevented ordering and/or delivery of armor for Humvees, body armor for soldiers, etc.


They have a case if an already injured soldier was called back to active duty in Iraq and he died or suffered more severe injuries if it can be shown that the reason the injured soldier was called back was because the military Personnel, Reimbursement and Benefits system wasn’t working properly (and I know they can because it came out in a Congressional hearing). 


If a single American died because a criminal illegal alien was freed to commit further crimes because the computer system that tracks criminal illegal aliens wasn’t working (and I know this is the case because in a congressional hearing Senator Sessions commented that at the rate that data was being entered into the computer tracking system, it would take 40 years to clear the backlog - let alone adding new criminals to the files.)


If any Americans suffered harms due to illegal aliens who crossed into our country where allegedly automated systems (cameras, sensors, etc.) were installed that didn’t work. (Ref: Lurita Doan).


If a soldier at Walter Reed suffered any harm because of a mix up in medical records.  During those hearings it came out that a male soldier who requested his medical records received the medical records for an unknown female soldier.


If any professionals were harmed because of the flooding of our markets with H1-b’s and L1 workers (and we know there are a lot of them), there could be a case because the Dept. of Labor has a computer system called PERM that processes visa applications.  It came out in a hearing just the other day that applications were being approved in excess of the limits provided by law in the Congress.  


The above are just samples of cases that I know could be made.  With subpoena power, a top notch team of lawyers and some top notch computer systems analysts, there is no doubt that a lot more cases could be found showing harm and demonstrable damages due to the failures of government computer systems.  And before anybody says…”well, computer foul ups…blah blah blah”, let me just say, Bullshit - and I say that as a total insider to the IT business.  When was the last time your bank screwed up your account?   Or a credit card company missed a charge on your account?   Or an airline screwed up your reservation (not a travel agent - but an airline)?   And have you been into a grocery store where the shelves are bare lately?    The “computer foul up” was an explanation of convenience to brush off customers and clients but it was actually, rarely the case.  Most often it was human error that was being covered. 


It is a truism to say, “Information is Power” and as such the keepers of the information hold the power.  When the government began contracting out computer systems and information, they gave up the power to control government - passing it on to private corporations with agendas incompatible with lawful and good government.  The cases won’t be “sexy” but that’s where the power to take back our government and our country can be found.