Troop Strength Discrepancy

January 11, 2007



This morning on C-Span, they had a parade of Congressmen to talk about their feelings on Bush's plan to send 20,000 more troops to Iraq.  Rep. Duncan Hunter was one of those Congressman.  One of the callers was an Army Reserve Officer who made a statement about the actual condition of America's ground military - army and marines.  He sounded very credible to me.  Then as Duncan Hunter responded - first telling the officer that his numbers were absolutely wrong - but then he contradicted himself as he continued to drone on. 

Please do listen to this audio clip of the call.  Also you can go to the C-Span website to listen to the entire segment with Duncan Hunter.

The reason I'm writing this is because I know that the Military Personnel and Readiness computer system is broken (my belief is sabotaged.. but that's another story). 

A week ago, CNN reported a story about the army sending letters to deceased and wounded soldiers asking them to return to active duty.

The only way something like that happens is if the computer system isn't working or hasn't been updated properly.

Either last year or the year before I watched a Congressional Hearing concerning the condition of the Military Personnel and Readiness (MPR) department and their computer system.  The Congress had requested a report of the number of troops deployed to Iraq.  This hearing was in early March.  The report that the MPR gave Congress was current as of November the previous year.  NOVEMBER of the previous year!  They should have been able to produce a report that was current of the previous DAY!

The fact that the Army sent out letters asking deceased and wounded soldiers to return to active duty tells me that the MPR computer system still isn't working - or... as I believe ... is still being sabotaged.  Consider the implications of this.  The information coming out of government computer system is WRONG.  They are flying blind - literally.   They really don't know how many troops they have.  They don't know how many have been injured and they don't know how many have died.

David Chu is the Undersecretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness.  David Chu was sworn in on June 1, 2001. 

You can make your own decisions on this.  I've made mine and I believe he is "a wrong guy".  And you can take that in whatever way you want.