What is New Age Education? -- Part II
by Cornelia R. Ferreira
Catholic Family News October 2003


Servants of the Light

The United Nations is very involved in "occultizing" education worldwide. One of its chief agents is UNESCO. UNESCO's establishment in 1946 was described as "the culmination of a movement for the creation of an international agency for education which began with Comenius. ... Each member nation [of UNESCO] ... has a duty to see to it that nothing in its curriculum, courses of study and textbooks is contrary to UNESCO's aims." Comenius (1592-1670) was a Czech educator and "bishop" of a heretical sect. He advocated a one-world religion and government and a universal body of educators, which he called the staff of light. UNESCO considers him its spiritual father. UNESCO's constitution was written largely by the Order of Skull and Bones, which, as noted above, has been a major promulgator of Illuminati education. Yet the influential International Organization for Catholic Education is affiliated with UNESCO and UNICEF.

In 1989 Robert Muller, then Chancellor of the UN's University of Peace in Costa Rica, addressed a peace conference co-sponsored by the university, the Costa Rican government, the UN Population Fund and other organizations, at which a message from Pope John Paul was read out. Muller stated that education now had to go beyond his World Core Curriculum global education to cosmic education. The new program, taking Bailey's occultism further, is called The Global Education Program for Peace and Universal Responsibility (GEPPUR). It is to be implemented under the sponsorship of UN agencies (UNESCO, UNICEF and others) through education ministries in every country. The Robert Muller school in Texas is its model school. Amongst the Soviet-connected designers of GEPPUR is Bailey disciple Dorothy Maver, a popular education consultant who has founded a university in New Jersey that offers doctorates in occult philosophy.


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... The purpose of this article is to outline the defining features of New Age education in order to enable parents to recognize it in their local schools. Although describing the North American situation, it applies to other countries as well, as educational organizations, UN agencies and modern communications have spread New Age education worldwide.