Slave Trading and Management System


A great deal of pre-planning has gone into the transition to an integrated global system because of the radical departure from a citizen's view of the world to a worker's view of the world and his place in it.  The greatest amount of effort has been put into the public school system.  The goal has been to move away from nationalism towards globalism.  American History is taught, but it is taught as a negative.  Global citizenship is taught rather than national citizenship.   Human rights are taught rather than the Bill of Rights.  The Constitution - if it is taught, is taught as an imperfect and obsolete document.  Western culture has been denigrated and with the war in Iraq, everything possible has been done to bring shame on Americans so that when the country is dissolved into the North American Union,  the majority of the population will believe that the 'evil' that was America has been vanquished.   

Corporations have done their part by providing the 'educational information' that there are 'shortages' of workers in America and that there are 'jobs Americans don't want'.  This 'educational material' includes the message that foreign workers are both smarter and work harder and that whatever economic misfortunes citizens experience are their own fault because they are losers.  The intent of this is to break down national and personal pride.  Special interest groups have been funded to promote the interests of Mexicans in America.  Law enforcement has been reduced and constrained to avoid the arrest of Mexican Nationals.  The American with the American flag is arrested while the Mexican Nationals promoting anarchy are allowed to demonstrate for the rights of citizens under the theory of 'human rights'.  Mexican drug dealers are given immunity to testify against Border Patrol Agents and the Agents are sent to prison - for doing their jobs as Border Patrol Agents. 

The U.S. political system has been managed to allow corporate selection of candidates who are willing to participate in the necessary deceptions.  Several networks have been established to select and fund cooperative candidates.  Selected candidates are well-funded and resourced.  They are selected from both the left and right for either their very real ignorance or their ability to feign ignorance in the face of overwhelming contrary evidence.  A few nationalists manage to get elected but they are useful too because they can be used to promote parts of the globalization plan under the cover of nationalism.  The Guest Worker program is one such program pushed by nationalists when in reality is is necessary for globalization to continue. 

The voting system is being handled by the implementation of computerized voting systems that will make selection of the corporate candidates easier and more efficient.  The corporations that do polling have for the most part been taken over to ensure consistency and/or reasonable doubt between the candidate that gets the most votes and the poll data.   It was not anticipated that the few technically competent people who understand the ease with which computerized systems can be manipulated would have success at convincing local officials of the dangers to the democratic process but there is a fall back plan.  The goal will be to convince people that a printed receipt - like an ATM receipt is a meaningful document.  Obviously a printed receipt for the voter will have no effect on the overall vote count so it is an effective means of allowing the management of the voting system to continue. 

Consolidation of the media has largely been accomplished.  It facilities the control of information to workers.  The consolidation has been both vertical and horizontal so that all forms of media are controlled.  The only problem has been the Internet but the media corporations are working on getting control of that.  Fortunately, most people don't have the time to read and absorb all the news on the Internet so while they feel unease about the conditions in the country, they don't have concrete information about the reason for their unease.  It is expected that this problem will be resolved soon by putting 'toll roads' on the Internet which will squeeze out the undesirable content providers (alternative media).