Street Theatre Prelude


The other day, a friend sent me a link to a video of an incident in Melbourne, Australia.  Apparently Melbourne has an ordinance against camping in their city park (name a city that doesn't).  

Occupy Melbourne Tent Monsters

Melbourne Police Strip Tent Girl

Clearly, the event was staged.  The police were set up to look like fools - and they got their revenge.   But what isn't clear is whether the second video was the real police on duty or whether they were police hired for a staged media event.   

On December 2, Gary Franchi's The Reality Report included a segment on "police for hire".  This report begins at 2:38 on the video.  I did a search on the story and found an article on Counterpunch:

Financial Giants Put New York City Cops on their Payroll

The problems with this kind of arrangement of police for hire are numerous and obvious, but the actions of insurgents like the Occupy Melbourne and Occupy Wall Street people create a dilemma for city officials regardless of whether the event is a staged media event or not.  Should the taxpayers have to pay for police to keep order at a staged media event?   If they don't pay for it, then what?  Chaos, which the taxpayers will pay to suppress anyway - or effective privatization of the police - but with the force of law behind them. 

On Jon Stewart's Daily Show, he had a comedy segment covering the Occupy Wall Street movement. As with most of Stewart's skits, there are layers to it - the absurd, the real and the message (s) you are to take away. 

Occupy Wall Street Divided  


This kind of thing is not new in history.  It's a repeat - updated for the times.   I wrote this a couple years ago. 

Dada Nation, Dada Net

Clearly, with the Occupy Wall Street movement replicated in cities around the world, and with the passage of S.1867, the game is being stepped up to the next level.   But who do you suppose they are going to go after?   Do you think it will be the clowns engaged in street theatre?  Maybe a few - just for show, but I suspect that the real targets will be the people who understand how our laws and our institutions have been subverted and infiltrated and they write about it - exposing it. 

The place to really see the evil that has taken hold of our country, is in the legislation that was passed from 1989 forward.  That's where the real story about what has happened to our country can be found.   It doesn't matter whether you look at education, health care, energy, telecommunications, transportation, agriculture, the subversion of our nation is written into the law - at the federal, state and local levels.   

If we are to restore the United States to a country we can be proud of again, we must make our state legislators understand that they HAVE TO use the 10th Amendment to block further "reforms" from Washington DC and we must begin to unwind the socialist boa from our collective necks.  Our public officials have to stop accepting bribe money for implementation of programs that are against the interests of future generations. 

Here's a video that everybody should watch:  

Political Ponerology

Vicky Davis
December 10, 2011