Creating Enemies

"Why of course the people don't want war ... But after all it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship ...Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger." Hermann Goering, Nazi leader, at the Nuremberg Trials after World War II


The psychological war on the American people didn't really sink in with me until after 9-11.  For anybody who has bothered to try and understand how 9-11 happened given both our military technology and air defense capabilities, it is clear that 9-11 could not have happened without the complicity of people in key positions in our government and the tacit complicity of the media.  My initial doubts were because the towers fell perfectly as if by planned demolition.  It was also odd that commercial aircraft were flying around in the busiest airspace in the world and there was no military interception.  My suspicions were confirmed when I read Stand Down.   If nothing else, consider this - the mandate of the 9-11 Commission was not to blame anybody but to 'investigate' what happened and make recommendations.  The heart of their recommendations were to further consolidate power within our government.  Interestingly the two men in charge on September 11th were given promotions and one received a medal.  Failure = Promotion and Honor.  


"If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy."
James Madison, while a United States Congressman


Terrorists and Afghanistan 

The perpetual war against terrorist boogeymen began with the bombing of Afghanistan.  The snow job on the American public was an easy sell because Afghanistan was a dysfunctional country with an oppressive religious regime and there was footage of supposed terrorist training camps.  The broadcast media contributed by giving lots of background on the terrible treatment of women, the barbarism of the ruling mullahs and plight of the oppressed peoples.  Afghanistan we were told gave sanctuary and support to the dread master terrorist, Osama Bin Laden and his band of terrorists - Al Qaeda.  The disconnect is that Osama Bin Laden was a CIA operative who came to Afghanistan to assist in a U.S. proxy war with the Russians.  It is highly probable that the terrorist camps were actually paid for by U.S. tax dollars and the footage of the terrorist's training which consisted of running obstacle courses was actually footage from the earlier period of the Afghan-Russian war.   


As soon as the Taliban's control of the country was removed, we pulled out except for a skeleton force. We didn't even stay long enough to capture the dread master terrorist Osama Bin Laden. The warlords were put back in charge, the first priorities were planning for a pipeline, roads necessary to service it and mobile communications.  We didn't even bother to destroy the opium crop.  In a Congressional hearing, the testimony was that they had a bumper crop last year and all of it managed to make it's way out of Afghanistan.  Imagine that?  


The war in Afghanistan was just the pre-game show.  It worked up the crowds into a frenzy by giving them the sights and sounds of war and the smell of blood.  It was the build up that was necessary so that when the bogus case for war on Iraq was made, the crowd shouting KILL, KILL, KILL would drown out the voices of sanity.  And the "pacifists would be denounced for lack of patriotism, exposing the country to danger".  


Saddam Hussein and Iraq 


It is well known by now that the war in Iraq was planned immediately after the Bush Administration took office.  The secret energy meetings that Dick Cheney held supposedly to formulate an energy policy included dividing up the Iraqi oil fields.  Judicial Watch was able to obtain the maps and some of the documentation from that meeting through exercise of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).   The following is just one sample of the kinds of documentation that was obtained by Judicial Watch.

Email from Release of Energy Department

Email from an Energy official, asking an energy industry lobbyist, "If you were King, or Il Duce, what would you include in a national energy policy, especially with respect to natural gas issues?"

The Bush Administration made their case for war on Iraq by claiming that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and they were about to nuke us as any minute.  When this excuse proved not to be true, about a half dozen other excuses were given - finally settling on the most lame of excuses - "They hate our freedoms".  

The truth is that Iraq has the 2nd largest untapped oil reserve in the world and the wells are artesian so the cost of extraction are as cheap as it gets.  Some might say that's good because it will mean cheap oil for the U.S. but if one considers the entire picture of the U.S. and the war on the American people, it is more likely that the oil money will be used to ensure the power of the New World Order - the partnership between the multinational corporations and our military (at least it is our military until transformation is complete and the global force breaks away leaving us with a crippled domestic force [ref: Barnett Transcript 2:03], a crippled economy and a police state). 


Management of the War

"We're fighting them over there so that we don't have to fight them here" George Bush

In examining the various fronts of the war on the American people and having concluded that the goal is the dissolution of the United States, the management of the war in Iraq makes perfect sense.  The management of the war was intended to cannibalize our military - to weaken, cripple, demoralize it; to recruit the corruptible into the private corporate army and ultimately to destroy it.  What George Bush actually meant by the statement above is that they are fighting the U.S. military over there so that they don't have to fight them here once the treason becomes known by the American people.  

The history of war and strategies goes back thousands of years but Rumsfeld's plan was to ignore all of that.  His plan for war was to enter a hornets nets with too few troops, inadequately trained and equipped, 'just-in-time' supplies which by definition is unworkable in a war zone,  and no exit strategy and no plan for an occupation.  Rumsfeld ignored all of the recommendations of the military experts and in fact, one of the Generals was forced to resign.  'Incompetence' in leadership rules the day in Iraq.   

There are many stories on the internet of what is going on in Iraq.  The following are just a few:

1. Troops ran out of bullets, water, food and supplies.  

2. Troops did not have adequate body armor or vehicle armor.  The means of transportation for our soldiers are open air humvees - in a war zone.  Death and injury rates of National Guard troops (citizen soldiers) significantly higher than for regular army. 

3. Weapons dumps were not guarded or destroyed allowing the AL CIA DUH access to the weapons to use against our soldiers.  

4. Assaults on civilians were carried out to ensure that the people in Iraq would turn against our military.  The orchards of farmers were bulldozed.  Mosques were desecrated.  Torture of the Iraqis was sanctioned at the highest levels of the Pentagon.  Women raped and children killed. 

5. No military honors for soldiers returning from battle in caskets. 

6. Insults to troops - dumping them penniless on the streets when they return home injured from battle.  Garnishing their mustering out pay for mistakes that were supposedly made while they were hospitalized.  Releasing them from the service before their rehabilitation was complete.  

7. Cutting their combat pay while they were in Iraq.  Selling off military housing while the soldiers were in Iraq - creating incredible hardship for the families.  Failure to get the reservists on the payroll system so that they have to worry about their families.  

7. The murder of Pat Tillman by friendly fire.  The permanent brain damage of a soldier at Guantanamo who was savagely beaten by by fellow soldiers 'practicing' in how to handle prisoners.  The murder of Nick Berg in his prison orange uniform by AL CIA DUH which was an obvious staged beheading.   In all probability Guantanamo is being used as a hands-on training camp for the corporate soldiers in the methods brutality. 

Despite the failed strategies of Rumsfeld's plans for 'War Lite', the military is continuing with the plan for 'transformation' which is to weaken our military.

Fear factor
"Some in the Army tell us of a culture of fear that has enveloped the service as Gen. Peter Schoomaker, chief of staff, presses ahead with his plan to significantly restructure 10 active combat divisions.   The plan, simply stated, is to break up each division into smaller brigades that are fitted with, and train with, support units. This way, brigades specifically tailored for certain missions can deploy more quickly.     Some officers complain privately that the new units lack sufficient firepower. But no one dares challenge the chief at one of his many chief-to-soldiers briefings for fear of reprisal."

If you were an enemy of the United States and you were in charge of the military, what would you do?   It fits doesn't it? 


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