Reclaim Your Center Of Gravity

By Vicky Davis - May 5, 2004


Last week Congress debated provisions of a bill that provided funding for education. Ordinarily, this would be a good thing.  However, it turned out that one provision was to fund ‘public-private partnerships’ to provide financial education to children in all grades - primary, secondary and higher education.  Imagine that?  Our kids aren’t getting enough math and science but Congress wants to fund a program of “Credit Cards for Tots” and “How To Get Into Debt Up To Your Eyeballs Before You’re 21”.


What we should be teaching in school is the Art of War and the Uses and Abuses of Media.  There is a war being waged against the American People and the media is being used to ensure that they don’t know it.   What passes for ‘news’ consists of a headline, followed by 10-90 seconds of the story. Then it is infotainment time featuring The Freak of the Week.  The really important information is what they don’t tell you.  You must ferret that out for yourself.  


‘War news’ is brought to you courtesy of your political party.  If you are a Republican, they tell you that the Democrats are going to take your guns, your money and your religion.  If you are a Democrat, you hear that the Republicans are going to take away your liberties, allow people to carry submachine guns, and turn the U.S. into a theocracy. 


The strategy was described perfectly by a former IRS employee who wrote a book on IRS tactics.  “Find out what they love and take it.  Find out what they fear and threaten them with it”.   Both political parties use these tactics.  The moneyed elite control the political parties and the messages. Campaign finance money is the tool to control our representatives.  They own the media and they finance ‘advocacy groups’ to manipulate the public.  Class warfare is used to pit the middle class against the poor; the religious against the secular; whites against minorities. 


Did you ever wonder where the wackos of PETA get the money to campaign against your steak dinner?    Did you know that while the ‘radical environmentalists’ were fighting to save the snail darter (a fish nobody ever heard of), the mighty redwoods of California were being chopped down?  Where does the money for these nonsense lawsuits come from?  And how about the ‘Creationists’ who fought to prevent evolution from being taught in schools?  And what about NAMBLA, a group that is maximally offensive to almost everybody? 


These groups are insurgents financed by the moneyed elite.  Steven Metz, an expert in insurgencies described it this way: A successful insurgency doesn’t need a popular uprising.  They only need a small percentage of active supporters.  They need the public to be so afraid of them or to be so turned off that they are willing to be passive - to stay out of the whole thing.   


The insurgencies against the American People have been very successful.  We have a high percentage of people who are so turned off that they don’t even bother to vote.  The remainder has been divided just about 50-50.  The insurgents have generated such fear and loathing on both sides that we think only in term of black and white.   Paraphrasing what Steven Metz said, “If we think about the future as only this choice or that choice, we are never going to understand the essence of the conflict, and we will never be able to craft an appropriate strategy”.  The Democrats and Republicans have constructed such a world for us.  They have built tunnels through which we view the world and it prevents us from understanding the essence of the conflict. The essence is that the moneyed elite has declared war on the American middle class. 


Since we are now tightly divided, the war is moving to the next stage.  Andrew Krepinevich, of the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments, provided the description of this stage: “What is the center of gravity of your adversary?  What is The Thing that if I deny my adversary, I will win this conflict?  They will not be able to sustain their opposition. They will not have the capability or the will to do so.”  That is what is happening now.  Our ‘Centers of Gravity’ are under attack.  


What are our ‘Centers of Gravity’?  The short list includes: Family and their safety, Citizenship, Religion, Our Jobs and Small Businesses, a Constitutional Government and the rule of law. All of these centers are under attack and our foundations are crumbling beneath us.  


A job is the main center of gravity for most families.  U.S. Trade Policy is exporting jobs faster than cockroaches multiply.  Corporations are given tax breaks and credits to build their factories in China and move their business operations to India.  The media tells us this is good for us because the stock market has had phenomenal growth.  


China is a Communist country.  They don’t have private enterprise.  Manufacturers must partner with the Communist Chinese government.  It is one of the most repressive governments in the world, so it has no compunctions about using child and slave labor.   We then allow these slave produced products to be imported into the U.S. to compete with products manufactured by domestic companies.  The media tells us this is ‘global competition’ and if you can’t compete against a partnership of China and GE, then you are just a Loser.  Insiders to the deal are making money hand over fist.  American Citizens and domestic small businesses are being crushed.  


Corporations, the elite, politicians, India and China are all raking in the cash.  CEO’s are getting pay increases as high as 20% or more while formerly middle class people are losing their homes, their life’s savings and filing bankruptcy at record rates.  They are getting the shaft.  This is what globalization is about - staggering profits for the elite and poverty and despair the American middle class.


Another center that is under attack is religion.  The religion of the majority has become unacceptable.  Religious traditions of the minority take precedence.  The Ten Commandments must now be removed from public places.  ‘Under God’ has been ordered removed from the Pledge of Allegiance.  And last Christmas, the traditional displays of Joseph, Mary and the baby Jesus were banned. Church bells are being questioned, but the Muslims can announce their midday prayers over a loudspeaker. 


Our country as a nation of laws - the primary center of gravity is under attack.  Foreign nationals are invading us but ‘our leaders’ tell them “don’t worry, we won’t enforce the law”.  Lawmakers are working overtime to try and give amnesty to the invaders.  Traditionally, it has been the Democrats that have pandered to the illegal lobby - but now it is the Republicans as well.  They ignore the huge financial burden and stresses that these people are putting on our communities - not to mention the jobs (center of gravity)  they are taking from our fellow citizens.  The media is being used to disenfranchise the American Citizens.  We are told, “We are a nation of immigrants”.  This is intended to devalue our citizenship and alienate us from our country.


An immigrant is an immigrant until he becomes a citizen.  We are NOT a nation of immigrants.  We are a nation of CITIZENS!  Come out of the tunnels that have been created for you.  Open your eyes and step into the light.  Understand that war as been declared on you.  Study the methods that are being employed so that you can fight back. Your neighbor is not your enemy.  Your enemy resides in the boardrooms of the major corporations and in the hallways of government.  The moneyed elite have so thoroughly purchased Washington DC that we no longer have a government Of The People.  But, if we join together as American Citizens, we have the power to take back our country.  We can stop the subversion of our Constitution.  We can reclaim our rights as American Citizens.  We can set the direction of our country back on a course that will preserve for America’s children, their rightful heritage of the America that our Founders envisioned for them.