Virtual Reality

Oh, what a tangled web we weave
when first we practice to deceive!










America today is one big Psyop.  It is a virtual reality that has been created to generate fear and confusion in the America public while the globalist traitors destroy our nation.  The purpose for destroying our nation is so that the New World Totalitarian Government can rise.  It will be communism for the masses, fascism for the elite 'partners' of government. Technology will be the jailer and the enforcer in the globalist world.  They control the communications systems, the media and most importantly the minds of the majority of clueless American Citizens. 

Net-centric warfare consists of vignettes that are played out by 'history's actors'.  History's actors are military, media, corporate and public relations people.  They are systems analysts, strategists, psychologists, social scientists and game theorists.

To understand the virtual reality, one must understand that government reports and government statistics are fabricated to match the crafted reality.  The unemployment rate is a good example.  Everybody who lives in the real world knows that the 4-5% unemployment numbers the government always gives are absurd.  Millions of jobs have been exported, 20 million illegal aliens have invaded our country and at least a million foreigners have been imported to work on visas, to go to school and work after they finish.  That's in addition to the normal - extremely high rate of legal immigration.  With all of that, there is no way that the unemployment rate of America citizens is 4-5%.  I don't know what the real number is but I'd guess it is around 15% range easily - maybe higher. 

The virtual reality game also includes redefining the meaning of commonly understood concepts.  For example, when our economy is being discussed, they make is seem as if they are actually discussing the U.S. economy - but they aren't.  They are discussing the 'internationalized economy'.  This economy includes only the economic health of the multinational corporations and the wealthy elite.  The middle and lower economic classes in America are not counted except when they use average numbers which are totally skewed by the inclusion of CEO's and keymen of the multinational corporations. 

In the past, inflation was defined in terms of increasing prices of goods.  Alan Greenspan redefined inflation to mean increases in wages.  What that does is to allow him to say that there is no inflation even though wages are dropping  and non-consumable living costs are rising.  The exception is energy prices which he singled out as a separate category because it is universally obvious when the price of gasoline goes from $1.90 a gallon to $2.50.  Another term that has been redefined is 'expansion'.  Expansion used to refer to increased productive capacity (i.e. new factories, additional workers to fill increasing orders).  Now expansion means expansion of the population (illegal aliens and foreign workers) which translates into new consumers and turnover in the old population (i.e. dumping American citizens and picking up their assets as they bottom out economically).   It also means the export of jobs and production from America to foreign countries - expanding the reach of the multinationals (while draining our economy at home).

The games currently in progress that I'm aware of -

Booming Economy - This game is going to be ending soon because our economy has been drained to the point that it soon won't be possible to hide the extent to which it has been exported. 

Worker Shortages - If you listen to the corporate and government propaganda, there are shortages in every profession from engineering to government workers to ditch diggers.  The


Up Is Down, Strong Is Weak

This is a blog that was on TomPaine.  I copied it because blogs tend to disappear but it so perfectly described the virtual reality in which we find ourselves that I wanted to keep it. 

Steve Clemons

December 16, 2004

From the Washington Note

I'm going to share one pool report here written by Gannett News' Greg Wright.

Just for fun, juxtapose what Greg Wright reports here:

Berlusconi praised Bush, saying he is "direct," "straightforward," "full of truth," and says yes when he means yes and no when he means no. These qualities were likely a major factor in Bush's reelection, Berlusconi said through an interpreter.

with this statement by Bush in the same meeting:

"The policy of my government is a strong dollar policy," Bush said. "We believe that the market should make the decisions about the relationship between the dollar and the euro."

Does anyone out there think America is pursuing a strong dollar policy?

It seems to me that America has a weak dollar policy that screws Europe, helps some U.S. exporters, but has China with an equally weak currency able to keep American consumers happy with cheap products -- and has Japan scrambling for currency balance.

If Bush is telling the truth -- then why aren't any journalists or commentators challenging him on the fact that his so-called strong dollar policy is failing? Who is getting fired because we have a weak dollar and the president is not getting what he wants?

Up is down, black is white, lies are truth.

Click here and scroll down to read the rest of the pool report

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Here is another one -

Failure = Promotion and Honors for Service

Two days after the attack of 9-11 Gen. Richard Meyers, Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Commander in Chief of Space Command participated in a formality hearing for his promotion to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  The man in charge 9-11, Gen. Ralph E. Eberhart,  Commander of NORAD was given a promotion to Commander of the Northern Command - the newly created military unit to 'protect' the Homeland.  Failure = Promotion.  George Tenet, Director of the CIA who resigned supposedly because he failed was given National Medal of Freedom for his service to our country.