The World Trade Center

As to the technical details of how the towers were demolished, I'll leave that to the scientists and scholars.  My research was more centered around the questions of who and why rather than how because I came about discovering 9-11 truth from a different direction - following the trail of outsourcing or more correctly, exporting our economy.

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World Trade Center History

Interview with Eric Darton

WTC Study by World Organization of Building Officials (WOBO)


"Three months prior to the destruction of both towers the owners of the WTC leased the buildings, for incomprehensible reasons, to the Jewish real estate tycoon Larry Silverstein. Since then "Silverstein Properties Inc." took in the rent from the 430 tenants and other source income (i.e. tourist admission fees). Silverstein in return paid a leasing fee to the owners: "Only three months before the attack Silverstein signed a rental contract for the WTC. Silverstein agreed to pay over 99 years a total of 3,2 billion Dollars in leasing installments to the Port Authorities: 616 million as an initial payment and then annually 115 million Dollars. The Port Authorities remained the owners of the WTC." --Die Welt, Berlin, Oct 11, 2001."


[Note: the website above describes the WTC as being a tremendous financial success.  That isn't really true.  Notice they mention 3 million sq ft of office space rented.  The WTC had 10 million sq ft of office space.  That's 7 million sq ft of prime Manhattan property unaccounted for. Another internet source said that the building was only half rented because after the 1993 bombing, a lot of tenants moved out but this is unconfirmed]

Silverstein insured the WTC for $3.5 billion.  Ultimately he collected over $7 billion because the hits on the towers were counted as two separate incidents.  The article below is regarding a very interesting dispute among the insurance companies regarding the wording of the insurance policies pertaining to terrorist incidents.

Court Rules Against Silverstein WTC Claim, Orders Jury Trial

As described above in the history of The World Trade Center, it “was a complex of 7 buildings on 16-acres”.  It had over 10 million square feet of office space.  The Port Authority of New York built it for a cost of $1.5 billion.  It opened in 1970.  It had a Path train station in the basement that connected it with New Jersey and Midtown Manhattan." 
The buildings were loaded with asbestos and under New York state law, the asbestos was going to have to be removed.  The Port Authority was already under attack with asbestos lawsuits and they were losing.   In 1989 it was estimated that it was going to cost the Port Authority $1 billion for asbestos abatement at the World Trade Center and La Guardia.  The costs for abatement increased significantly with each year that went by and these were not the only properties that the Port Authority had that required abatement.  Eleven years later - by 2001, the cost of abatement could easily have topped $3 billion dollars.
All things considered, the smart business decision was to demolish the towers and cut the losses.  But this was not feasible because of the inevitable lawsuits.  There were lawsuits to prevent it from being built and there would be lawsuits to prevent it from being torn down.  After tearing it down, there would be more asbestos lawsuits.  Just thinking about it would make every liability lawyer in New York salivate.
Why would Larry Silverstein lease buildings that he knew he would have to pay billions for asbestos abatement?   And wasn't it a 'lucky break' there there was a discrepancy in the insurance paperwork that allowed Silverstein to collect double?  Isn't the timing incredibly coincidental? 

Update on Insurance Fraud



Forget the official story and consider that what happened on September 11, 2001 was a planned, controlled demolition of the towers.  Pretend for a minute that you are a liability lawyer and look at these pictures:

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