Information War

Economic War

Psychological War

Technological War

"All war is deception"

Sun Tzu

"Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. 
Be  extremely  mysterious,
even   to   the   point   of soundlessness.  Thereby you can  be  the  director  of
the opponent's  fate."


The Sting



Low Intensity Conflict - War Sub Rosa

It sounds trite and obvious to say that there is a war on the American people.  We know that our soldiers are over in Iraq and that people are dying every day in the war.  But Iraq is not the real war.  As with everything in America today, there is the ‘At the Movies’ version of events for public consumption while the real war is occurring sub rosa in our own country by own government in complicity the Globalist Supercapitalists of the New World Order.  The Globalists probably have their roots predating Nazi Germany and I’m just guessing but I imagine that the social, cultural and political events in pre-World War II Germany were not too unlike the United States today.

Sub Rosa[i] secretly or privately: in a secret or private way ( formal )  

 Mid-17th century. From Latin, literally “under the rose,” because the rose was an emblem of confidentiality hung above council tables to remind those present of the need for secrecy.

"Low intensity conflict is as much a war of images, ideas and deception as it is a war of bullets and bombs.  The ability to create images that obscure reality is a powerful weapon..."

Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer
"War Against The Poor, Low Intensity Conflict and  Christian Faith", Orbis Books, 1990, p. 4-5
  Formally, the type of war that is being waged against us is called low-intensity conflict.  It is secret war carried out by the secret soldiers who don't wear uniforms.

It is guerilla warfare which utilizes propaganda, economic, cultural, ecological and psychological terrorism and counterinsurgency.  Government officials express the noble goals of freedom, democracy (we are a republic) and peace while they provide funding and legislation to wage this terrorist war on us.  

They've been using this type of warfare in the third world for decades but now they have turned it on us.  

Because of our history and heritage, a traditional coup d’etat would not have been possible.  It simply would have alerted the American patriots with guns that traitors were trying to conquer and take over our country. 

The coup d’etat on the United States is being executed sub rosa by the people who truly ‘hate our freedoms and our way of life’. 

They are in the White House, the power centers of government, Wall Street and multinational corporations that are American in name only.

When George Bush said, “we are fighting them over there so that we don’t have to fight them here”; he wasn’t talking about the Iraqis or other foreign ‘terrorists’, he was talking about our own military - the American Patriots with guns and heart.

WACO, Texas — President Bush yesterday said he opposes a civilian project to monitor illegal aliens crossing the border, characterizing them as "vigilantes."   Washington Times, March 24, 2005