The Atlantic Charter

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"The Atlantic Charter was the statement of principles agreed to by President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill of Great Britain at their first wartime conference, August 9-12, 1941..The agreement is often cited by historians as one of the first significant steps towards the formation of the United Nations. The joint declaration was issued by President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill on August 14, 1941".1  

Text of the Atlantic Charter can be viewed at the Avalon Project website, Yale Law School

"The Atlantic Charter served as a foundation stone for the later establishment of the United Nations, setting forth several principles for the nations of the world, including -- the renunciation of all aggression, right to self-government, access to raw materials, freedom from want and fear, freedom of the seas, and disarmament of aggressor nations."2

The Atlantic Charter was incorporated by reference in the Declaration of the United Nations (Jan. 1, 1942).3


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