AIG's War on America

Can an insurance company declare war on the world's only Superpower?    It would seem so because AIG has come yet again to extort more money from the Congress.  I had to look up how much they've already been given.  According to the Motley Fool:

September 2008    $85.0  BILLION
October 2008          37.8  BILLION

Today, in the Senate Budget Committee hearing, Ben Bernanke was there to explain to the Congress why he gave them another  $62  BILLION to cover their losses last quarter.  According to Senator Judd Gregg, that's a loss of $460,000 per minute for the quarter. 

You really should watch the hearing.  It's posted on the front page of C-Span.  But in case you can't find the time, here is an excerpt from Senator Gregg's opening statement. 

"The budget, as its proposed, essentially nationalizes all income over $250,000, nationalizes healthcare, nationalizes student loans; we’re in the process of nationalizing our banking system and in addition, it creates a national sales tax on the production of energy. While creating this massive expansion in the size of government, it proposes that we have a debt as a percentage of GDP which will go to almost historic levels during anytime in the post-World War II period, 67% of GDP.

In the short-run, one can accept the fact that debt is going to go up significantly, because of the need to address this economy with liquidity that only the government can put into it. But in the long-run, one has to ask, how can this country sustain a debt to GDP ratio of 67%? Deficits of over 3% for as far as the eye can see and expect to maintain the value of the dollar or the ability of people to come and buy our debt?"


Get this...   New York State was responsible to regulate the insurance side of AIG but they had no authority over the "global conglomerate" side of AIG and it was that side of AIG that was involved in the derivatives market.  So if it was the "global conglomerate" side of the business, then why are the U.S. taxpayers responsible to suck it up and payoff the gamblers?  AND.... we can't even find out who they are because Bernanke is worried about their PRIVACY!!!!

I swear to God I'm going to go postal one of these days.   This stupidity is too much to bear. 

AIG's war on America and the American people didn't start in 2008.  It started in 1981 when the Chief Executives of AIG, American Express and Citibank formed a lobbying organization named the US Coalition of Service Industries for the purpose of getting "Trade in Services" included in the Uruguay Round of the GATS agreements.  The provision of "Trade in Services" was to allow them to import cheap foreign labor in exchange for being able to do business in the foreign countries.  Since the main target country was India - and India at the time did not have a lot of people who were in the market for Financial Services for corporations like AIG, American Express and Citibank, the obvious conclusion was that the intent was to make war on the American middle class and in particular people engaged in professions that they had as their employees. 

The following is Page 6 of a report by Erik Wesselius for the Transnational Institute titled, "Behind GATS 2000:   Corporate Power at Work: 

And Whorrin' Orin Hatch, the ever so accommodating prostitute from the state of Utah, accommodated them by sponsoring and ensuring passage of the American Competitiveness Act of 2000 greatly increasing the number of foreign professionals who could be imported to take jobs away from American citizens.  But of course, even that wasn't enough.  The Competitive Enterprise Institute lobbied for still MORE.    And last year, Bill Gates had the gall to testify to congress that corporate America needs to have an unlimited ability to import foreign professionals to take jobs from American citizens on American soil. 

And it wasn't just the importing of foreign workers to take American jobs from American citizens on American soil, these same firms - and the other firms they recruited for the USCSI, EXPORTED jobs.  For a while, Lou Dobbs was compiling a list of U.S. corporations that were exporting professional jobs to foreign countries - primarily India.  If you want to know why the American economy is tanking, take a look at this list of corporations that EXPORTED our high value middle class jobs.  And that's not all.

After September 11, 2001  9-11,   one of the first things that George Bush did,  "coincidently"   on  11-9, George Bush signed a trade agreement with Vajpayee of India to trade away even more jobs.  This was an initiative that was negotiated during the Clinton Administration and who else was behind it?    AIG!    And who was the Vice President of AIG that was involved in it?   Frank Wisner Jr.   C  fricking  I  A      Frank Wisner, Sr. was CIA  -  one of the original and you can bet the family farm that Wisner Jr. was and is CIA also.  

And when you are finished watching this disgusting video of the U.S. Congress kowtowing to the Chairman of the Federal Reserve fronting for the terrorists who are extorting money from the American people, you can watch the other video of the snot nosed youngster we call a Treasury Secretary tell of the plans to "transform" the U.S. economy into centrally planned and managed "carbon neutral" economy THAT WON'T SUPPORT THE POPULATION OF THIS COUNTRY!    And I want you to think really, really hard about why they might want this new nationalized system of non-health care that is integral to the plan for the carbon emissions reduction that will use a decision support system to determine who gets treatments and who doesn't. 

Vicky Davis
March 3, 2009