Yesterday I sent out the following email with the Washington Post story about outpatient care at Walter Reed.
Where is all the money going?
Bush Orders Review of Service Members' Care
Excerpts (click the link for the full article):
Army Secretary Francis J. Harvey resigned today amid a burgeoning scandal over the treatment of wounded outpatient soldiers at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, and President Bush ordered a "comprehensive review" of care for the nation's war wounded, as the administration sought to deal with growing anger in Congress and among the public over the issue.
A visibly angry Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates announced the resignation in a brief statement this afternoon, saying he was "disappointed" by the Army's response to disclosures of inadequate outpatient care at Walter Reed and bureaucratic inertia in dealing with wounded soldiers.
The committee also released a letter to Weightman, dated today, describing complaints about the privatization effort at Walter Reed, notably a five-year, $120 million contract awarded under suspicious circumstances to a company called IAP World Wide Services for support services, including facilities management.
"IAP is one of the companies that experienced problems delivering ice during the response to Hurricane Katrina," the letter signed by Waxman and Tierney said. "The company is led by Al Neffgen, a former senior Halliburton official who testified before our committee in July 2004 in defense of Halliburton's exorbitant charges for fuel delivery and troop support in Iraq."
The letter also said committee members wanted to ask Weightman about a September 2006 internal memorandum complaining that the privatization effort was causing "an exodus of high skilled and experienced personnel" from Walter Reed. As a result, the memo said, Walter Reed's "base operations and patient care services are at risk of mission failure."
Bush also will emphasize in the address that more than 1 million veterans have been brought into the Veterans Administration health care system since 2001 and that his fiscal 2008 budget proposal includes a request for more than $86 billion for veterans' services, representing a 77 percent increase since he took office.




Today when you click on that link, you get the story, "Army Secretary Ousted".   Notice that the url is the same as the url for the link above. 


So the next obvious question was, "did I copy the right link?".  So I did a search on the author's name, "Branigin" to get a list of his articles.  The following are two of the articles retrieved in the search:


When you click on those links, you get an article by Walter Pincus.  Again notice that the urls match.  This means that the indices to the Washington Post News databases were scrambled.