Gorby Gives Birth to the New World Order

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Gorby Gives Birth to the New World Order

Below is the article "Gorby Gives Birth to the New World Order", written by one of the CDR's networkers, Lu Haynes of Washington State. The article was originally distributed electronically by Steve Washam <steve.washam@wwwhbbs.com>.

Lu attended the latest "State of the World" forum hosted by the Gorbachev Foundation/USA which is headquartered at the Presidio (former US Naval Base) in San Francisco. This article is an excellent piece in that it gives us a shocking inside view of the movement to bring America under a one-world government. It is especially valuable in countering the "oh, you're a conspiracy nut" attacks by the main-stream establishment press (i.e., Limbaugh) whenever the issue is mentioned.

Keep in mind that Gorby said in 1987:

"In October, 1917, we parted with the Old World, rejecting it once and for all. We are moving toward a new world, the world of communism. We shall never turn off that road."

And in a 1989 speech to the Soviet Congress he stated:

"I am a communist, a convinced communist; for some that may be a fantasy, but for me, that is my main goal."

And finally, the 1/23/93 edition of the Cape Cod Times quoted Gorby as saying:

"The future needs... international institutions acting on behalf of all. A higher institution that operates on a consensus. Such a choice would narrow the independence many believe the United States now enjoys... President Clinton will be a success if he uses American Influence to accomplish this transformation of international responsibility and increase significantly the role of the United Nations... He will be a great president - if he can make America the creator of a New World Order based on consensus."

This is the man whose Gorbachev Foundation/USA is [as he announced in his "Accepting the Keys to the Presidio" speech] the foundation which has created a national task force on U.S. military base closings. [Source: San Jose Mercury News, April 21, 1993] For those who don't know, the closure of our military bases, eventual complete demise of our military and transformation of the U.N. Peace Force into the strongest military force in the world is the current policy of the U.S. government as per State Department Publication 7277, Public Laws 87-297 and 101-216.

Dan Druck, Council on Domestic Relations Congressional Candidate, 8th District, Illinois Council on Domestic Relations web page: http://web.archive.org/web/20001015070427/http://www.logoplex.com/shops/cdr/cdr.html (last update 1/5/96)

Druck for Congress web page: http://web.archive.org/web/20001015070427/http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/ddruck (last update 2/1/96)

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Gorbachev is "Giving Birth" to a New World Order by Lu Haynes

January 12, 1996

The convening of the State of the World Forum, hosted by the Gorbachev Foundation/USA, was not earth-shaking news. Dignitaries trekking to the posh Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco from 50 far flung countries, most paying $5,000 to be a part of the prestigious gathering, was deemed not newsworthy. As a matter of fact, an examination of the two leading San Francisco newspapers revealed very sparse reporting of the Sept. 27th to Oct. 1st event. The Bay area TV coverage was scarce as well, leading one to assume that San Francisco, and the rest of the nation, stifled a collective yawn at the goings on. This underwhelming response to a group who claims that at this momentous juncture in history, "We are giving birth to the first Global Civilization" whets the curiosity.

One of the purposes of this, the first of several forums, was to provide meaningful interaction between the participants. The intellectuals get familiar with the business executives. Has-been statespersons (euphemistically called "senior statespersons" by the Forum organizers) get to know the New Age scientists. The New Age spiritualists build up trust with the philosophers. The entertainers get spiritual with the youth. Vietnamese Buddhism meets Mongolian Buddhism meets Cambodian Buddhism. Consensus, and a new view of what reality is, is born. This was a 'by-public-exposure' kind of meeting.

The 500 attendees were exclusively hand-picked by Mikhail S. Gorbachev, Convening Chair of the State of the World Forum, and Jim Garrison, President of the Forum. Mr. Garrison, President of the Gorbachev Foundation/USA, felt he was assembling "some of the most thoughtful individuals in the world...to analyze the current state of the world." and "to articulate the fundamental priorities, values and actions necessary to constructively shape our common future." Garrison, founder of the elusive Christic Institute, also is credited with the edict that "we are going to end up with world government" and "we have to govern and regulate human interaction."

Carefully screened and Forum-accredited reporters were the only non-participants allowed to witness the likes of Esalen's Michael Murphy, "country boy" John Denver, millionaire motivator, philosopher Tony Robbins, Shirley McLaine (of "Irma La Douce" and Out on a Limb fame) and her sidekick, Dennis Weaver, massage the egos of the Forum's Co-Chairs: the Presidents of Costa Rica and Kyrgyzstan; Prime Minister of Turkey; ex-Prime Ministers of Japan and the Netherlands, Thabo Mbeki, Executive Deputy President of South Africa; Peace Prize winner and Marxist feminist Rigoberta Menchu Tum; and Chairman of the Earth Council Maurice Strong, media tycoon and world citizen Ted Turner, ex-Secretary's of State George Shultz and James Baker III. Gorbachev, speaking on the first night after a candlelight dinner (featuring beef medallions in shashlik marinade topped with panna cotta and autumn fruit for dessert, the first of several banquets prepared by celebrity chefs) took time to recognize good friends South Africa's chief Communist Party member, Mbeki, and ex-senators George Mitchell and Alan Cranston, among others. It was after 11 P.M. when Jane Fonda surreptitiously took her leave, just about the time Gorby began peeling back the "profound layers among the interfaces of politics, geopolitics, and philosophy."

 He announced that the Forum was the "first step in establishing a global brain trust," which will eventually usher in a global constitutional convention and a 'Bill of Rights for the Planet.' Recognizing that the first attempt at global governance failed when the League of Nations (which predated the United Nations formation in 1945) disintegrated, the Forum plans not to repeat their error of leaving "too much power to individual states (countries). Gorbachev must feel the "sweeping crisis that threatens our entire civilization" will be solved by the year 2000 as the last Forum meeting is scheduled to take place then. Imagine, by 2000 we will have "a new civilization, a new kind of politics" and we will have "reinvent(ed) the world together." 

The President of the Carnegie Corporation, David Hamburg, who believes that privately endowed foundations can operate in areas government may prefer to avoid, participated in the Forum. Hamburg's background includes his hammering out a tax-exempt foundation for the U.S. State Department, negotiating with the Soviets several years ago concerning "curriculum development and the restructuring of American education." Note this "negotiation" occurred before the Evil Empire was declared dead by President Reagan.

 New Age Dr. Deepak Chopra of San Diego told the rapt audience that they must "see the world as if for the first time...for only then is there an opportunity to create...a new world. We cannot do it the way we have done it in the past. It is time to change the whole paradigm through which we view physical reality."

 Zbigniew, President Carter's former National Security Advisor, who earlier explained to a Forum audience how regionalism must come before world government, attempted to explain to a reporter why there were no Christian leaders at the Forum by stating, "I happen to know that President Gorbachev is a very good friend of the Pope - and I am too." His reply, as did Gorbachev's, danced around the question but was revealing just the same. Christianity was not represented because pantheism (everything is god) was the order of the day.

 A common thread seemed to be the shared concept of an erasing of borders and delineations between countries. A backdrop map shown on the stage outlined continent shapes. World or global governance to well-known painter Peter Max must also meaning rubbing out any separation between nations as his posters displayed continent outlines only. Gorbachev addressed the importance of consensus for global governance, negating sovereignty, which eliminates the needs for borders.

 They take their job very seriously, these one-world do-gooders. Evidence the well-fed, pampered Forum audience, at a plenary meeting on Saturday, and how they hung on to every word of the New Age guru Sam Keen, who pronounced, "If we cut the world's population by 90%, there won't be enough people left to do ecological damage." His proposal received enthusiastic applause. The presumption was that Keen's audience would be among the elect, the remaining 10%, the ones chosen to do the "cutting." Another example of this blatant elitism surfaced last year, when Gorbachev was being interviewed by Audubon, when he declared that "Americans have to be more modest in their desires." Coming from someone who lives a lifestyle resplendent with gourmet foods and catered surroundings makes his words reek of pomposity.

 How many people buy the globalist government lie? Evidently the Forum promoters were anxious about empty seats that would reflect how meager the number of their committed clique really is; three incidents reveal this concern. Sprinkled among the illuminaries were the average people such as the delegation from South America, who, try as they might, could not account for their being invited to the Forum. Then there was the musician who proudly exhibited the esteemed press pass. He had been asked to play at an evening session and was not paid but was awarded the ID which allowed him entry to the meetings. He chose to partake of only one meeting and admitted the subject matter was beyond his understanding. It would be interesting to know how many others in attendance were simply "fillers," not sure how they came to be there, or why and not really in tune with the "transforming human consciousness" to which Gorbachev referred. 

The final bash on Sunday, at the Masonic Hall, involving CNN's Bernard Shaw and former leaders Gorbachev, Bush and Thatcher, revealed hundreds of vacant seats. TV monitors were set up and functioning to accommodate the large empty wing sections, so organizers must have hoped last minute arrivals would pay the $100 to view the one hour "discussion." They didn't. The lack of paying customers and the evidence that there really isn't a large number of these elitists almost made up for the standing ovation the audience gave Gorbachev when he strode onto the stage. And then there was the pick-up with a large "GET US OUT OF THE UN" sign in the truck bed that appeared just as the Masonic Hall was emptying. The driver proceeded slowly down the street as the Shirley McLaine types were trooping out of the Masonic Auditorium, only to loop around the block and return a few minutes later, and then again. Perfect timing.

 When you burrow to the core of all the rhetoric, you discover how all this will directly affect you. Gorby claims "we must change the nature of consumption" by moving away from a technology-centered way of living. There is only one way to interpret this; his New World Order will dictate every aspect of our lives, forcing civilization back to the barbaric dark ages, before technology replaced human sweat and blood. His time frame gives the social planners five years to redistribute the world's wealth, transfer all armaments to the United Nations peacekeeping FORCE, to further empower the United Nations, initiate a global tax, implement the overpopulation solution, and to eliminate nationalism (read "patriotism") as well as nationhood's border barriers.

 In the broad scheme of things this meeting is like a tiny blip on a radar screen. The enormity of the impending disaster becomes evident only when one sees the entirety of the gathering storm; the United Nation's inroads into America's sovereignty, our government's brutal and sometimes murderous attacks against law-abiding citizens in business, church communities and homes, our own representatives in D.C. flagrantly and/or ignorantly voting in opposition to their oath, making a mockery of the Supreme Law of the land, the Constitution. We must inform government at all levels what all these global elitists are proposing for OUR future, and challenge them to stop the onslaught, and we must educate others, many others, unless we look forward to the alternative - abject slavery.

 We are in a war, not of our choosing, but a war nonetheless. Our enemy is anyone who disdains being an American citizen and who instead chooses to claim the label, "citizen of the world."

 The State of the World Forum, sponsored by the Gorbachev Foundation/USA, is just one of the mechanisms being used in plotting the destruction of this country. The outcome of this war will be determined by how you and I choose to fight and how much we are willing to sacrifice to win.