Benghazi Bamboozle:  The Story Within The Story

The latest news on Hillary Clinton is that she is in a New York City hospital while she is being treated for a blood clot that occurred as a result of a concussion she allegedly suffered when she fainted due to flu.  This was a convenient faint because the timing prevented her from having to testify about State Department activities and security for personnel in Benghazi, Libya.

After the incident in which four Americans were murdered, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice was all over television with talking points about some anti-Muslim video that was the cause of a mob forming who then broke into the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi and murdered the Americans.   Rice's story was clearly a disinformation cover story.  She claimed that it came from the Intelligence Community.

We now know that the facility in Benghazi was not an embassy.  It was an "off books" facility and because of that, it did not have the security afforded to official State Department diplomatic locations.  The Left jumped on the story saying that the compound was being used to provide guns to Al Qaeda - the very people who allegedly attacked us on 9-11 2001.  But, if Chris Stevens was actually in Benghazi to hand out guns to terrorists, would he take a computer geek with him?  

Besides the Seals who were murdered, the other person with Chris Stevens on 9-11 2012, was Sean Smith, U.S. State Department Information Management Officer.  It doesn't take much brain power to figure out that when you are going on a mission to distribute guns, you don't take a computer geek.  Would you take Bill Gates on a mission like that?  How about Steve Jobs?  Nope... wouldn't happen.  

Sean Smith, State Dept. Information Management Officer and online gamer
McClatchy - Smith's death brings reality to online gaming world


What is more likely is that Chris Stevens was working on the PEPFAR program and if he was delivering anything, he was delivering telecommunications and computer equipment.  On September 12, Stevens had an appointment at the Benghazi Medical Center with Dr. Thomas Burke of the Massachusetts General Hospital. 

Boston Doctor Planned to Work with Ambassador On Libya Health Care

The two had planned to discuss a 10-year effort to establish Benghazi’s first modern emergency care department and pre-hospital care system. But when Burke spoke on the phone with an attache at the U.S. consulate, the attache yelled “Oh My God” and hung up, and Burke, who was a mile from the consulate, felt a huge blast that turned out to be the attack on the American consulate that fatally injured Stevens.

Later that night ambassador Stevens was brought to the Benghazi Medical Center and pronounced dead. It was the very place where Stevens and Dr. Burke were scheduled to meet to discuss their plans for Libya’s health care system.

Here is a 2004 USAID report on the status of Libya's health care system

Interview with Dr. Thomas Burke regarding Chris Stevens and Massachusetts General Hospital meeting in Benghazi

Dr. Thomas Burke, Massachusetts General Hospital, Division of Global Health & Human Rights

Lies Within Lies Within Lies

In 2003, George W. Bush signed legislation for HIV/AIDS relief in Africa.  I was aware of it but didn't pay too much attention because for my entire life, the U.S. has provided money for aid programs in other countries - food relief, emergency assistance, medical and military equipment, etc.   Aside from outsourcing and the anomalous 9-11 event in New York City, I was still in the delusion bubble that the United States had a relatively decent government that worked for the American people so there was no reason to look further into relief provided to Africa.  Of course all of that has changed now and it's clear that the U.S. government (if there is one), is simply a multinational criminal operation masquerading as a government. 

The program that George W. Bush authorized was PEPFAR - President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief.   It appears to have been passed in the 108th Congress, H.R. 1298 with the title, United States Leadership Against HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria Act of 2003.   It became Public Law No. 108-25

If you look at the media coverage about this legislation, it was supposedly a humanitarian endeavor -  providing medications for people with AIDS.   That wasn't true.   That was the cover story.   The PEPFAR program is about a computer system - a global computer system:   Global Health - medical care via telecommunications, logistics for the delivery of vaccines (containing God only knows what deadly pathogens), etc.

U.S. State Department website on the PEPFAR program

That legislation authorized creation of a position within the State Department for a "Global HIV/AIDS Coordinator" to report directly to the U.S. Secretary of State.

Excerpted page from House Report 108-60:  Leadership

At this time, the person holding that position is Dr. Eric Goosby, U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator

What prompted me to look at all of this was that about a week ago, I found a link to a video that I obviously saved to watch at a later time, but forgot about.  The program was a panel discussion on 'Global Health and National Security'  sponsored by CSIS.

CSIS Releases Report on Global Health and National Security

Former CENTCOM Commander Admiral William Fallon made keynote remarks and then joined former U.S. Navy Deputy Surgeon General Admiral Thomas Cullison and Ambassador Cameron Hume, former U.S. ambassador to Indonesia, Algeria and South Africa, for a discussion on how global health needs to be a part of strategic planning in military operations decision making.

Now take a look at the CDC Global Health Project and

CDC manages approximately $2.1 billion in financial and resource investments for global health. In addition to Congressional Appropriations, CDC receives approximately $12 million in global funding through foundations and other donors including the Bloomberg Family Foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the CDC Foundation.

(Don't look at the amounts of money because there are many money funnels set up under different budgets for "global health"  both as a medical research project and a telecommunications-infrastructure project.
President Obama's Global Development Policy and the Global Health Initiative )

CDC PEPFAR Foundation (created and funded by Congress)


Interview with Dr. Eric Goosby, U.S. Global Aids Coordinator  

Hillary Clinton:  The Global Health Initiative:  The Next Phase of American Leadership in Health Around the World

"In addition to the contributions that Johns Hopkins has made in the fields of diplomacy and international law, I want to add to what Dean Einhorn said about the contributions in health. Hopkins is, of course, home to excellent medical and nursing schools, and home to the Bloomberg School of Public Health. That school’s motto, “Protecting health, saving lives, millions at a time,” captures both the possibility and the responsibility inherent in the pursuit of better health, whether here in our own country or in communities around the world. New breakthroughs and new knowledge about how to fight disease and save lives only add to our responsibility as researchers, teachers, students, government officials, and as a nation. Each of us, I believe, is called to find ways to bring those solutions to the people who need them, wherever they are."


Aren't you tired of being lied to and watching our country being looted and destroyed ...for what?   So that a few technology companies can wire the world - and then enslave all the people in it...    

Vicky Davis
January 2, 2013