Comments on an email - 9/11

The following is an email about 9-11 that is circulating in the online groups.  Below that, I've put my comments and links relevant to the content of the email.  


Email circulating on this date: 11/19/07

From a reliable source, a friend who’s a veteran airline captain with a major carrier...

I have a friend, Keith, another pilot, who just stayed
with us while in transit from Florida...

On 9/11/2001 he traveled to Florida, and after he got there, he talked to a neighbor, a pilot for NW Airlines who was very upset. Very upset after seeing what happened on 9/11. That Pilot used to fly in the Navy -- he knew people in the Navy.

He said there was a missile cruiser in Chesapeake Bay on 9/11. The crewmen in the missile control room were told to vacate the control room, and 4 officers went in and took over. A missile was fired toward shore (this was on 9/11). Right after that the missile cruiser was ordered to go to the Sea of Japan and stay there for a year.

Keith thinks that missile went into the Pentagon...

(Remember, that wing of the Pentagon was tracking the trillions of dollars Rumsfeld admitted was missing, the day before 9/11.)

I asked Keith to try to find out the name of the Missile Cruiser that was in Chesapeake Bay on 9/11. 

He said he would try to get that information.

First, I believe this video accurately represents the racket that is operating in our country.  I've been told there are minor technical details that are wrong but that's not important as far as I'm concerned.  It's the big picture of how this criminal enterprise is operating that is important.

9-11, The Criminal Enterprise and It's Pattern

And it coincides with what I heard Thomas Barnett saying (not in so many words)  in his presentation on Military in the 21st Century.  That's why I spent weeks transcribing that presentation and researching Barnett and Adm. Art Cebrowski.


It should be noted that there was a project in 1998 to redesign the U.S. airspace which explains how the criminals involved in 9-11 knew precisely where the gaps in radar were so they could exploit them.

Trillions Stolen From the Pentagon

I don't think trillions were stolen from the Pentagon accounts.  I think Rumsfeld just said that as the "marketing reason" for what he wanted to do.  I don't know this for a fact, but I suspect that the people who did the audit that came up with the 'trillions in losses'  was probably Arthur Andersen - the same crooked accounting firm that worked for Enron.   Arthur Andersen is now called Accenture.
If those Navy officers mentioned above really believed the story about trillions being missing from the Pentagon accounting systems, I can see how they could have been tricked into participation in this act of treason. 
The defense department had their own programming language and they didn't buy off the shelf software.   In the interest of national security - especially with the benefit of hindsight, they should have kept their separate programming language for defense systems and probably should have commissioned a new one for PCs.
What Rumsfeld wanted to do was to replace the DOD unique software with off the shelf Microshit software and other packaged crapola.  We can see the result of that... COMMUNIST Chinese now capable of hacking DOD systems.
Privatization of the Military - September 10, 2001    Rumsfeld Declared War on the Pentagon
Read Adm. Giambiastiani's speech and study his diagrams:
Who benefitted?    Lockheed, Boeing and their other technology partners (which includes the COMMUNIST Chinese)  who have taken over nearly all the systems of government and as such - they are now, functionally, the government.

And that's why they are designing computer systems for the government that are like corporate systems:

And they are the ones behind the surveillance systems and the transportation system for imports from China - which I do believe is going to include the COMMUNIST Chinese military once it's built.

And another thing... April 1, 2001  -  "Gift" of Echelon to the Communist Chinese

And I do know that there is blackmail involved in the building of the corridor system which is why I wrote the following - quite apart from 9-11:
Bushwhacked and Shanghai'd


And the significance of David Addington, Dick Cheney's special assistant having been general counsel for the American Trucking Association is because they are major players behind the corridor system for foreign imports.  And Thomas Donohue CEO of ATA before becoming the CEO of the Chamber.  Donohue is a mafia thug.
Email I sent to a few people yesterday:
I was doing a little research on Lockheed and the FAA this morning because of a statement given by George Busholini - Making the Planes Run on Time (means more money - and more control for Lockheed). 
He didn't say this but they are getting ready to switch over to a fully automated air traffic control system.  Lockheed got the contract - no bid.  They have a lot of other FAA contracts as well. 
In the research, I came across an announcement that Lockheed hired Monte Belger in 2003.  Belger was the acting deputy director of the FAA on 9-11.  Belger was known as the 'Forest Gump' of the FAA.  
Belger, a 30-year veteran of the FAA, was Acting Deputy Administrator for the agency for a five-year span, from 1997 - 2002, leading the 49,000-person team and in charge of operating the world's safest aviation system. During his tenure with the FAA he also was Associate Administrator for Air Traffic Services, responsible for day-to-day operations of the nation's airspace system, and supervised the FAA's modernization plan aimed at improving aviation capacity, safety and service to airlines. Belger played a pivotal role in assisting in the transition of aviation security responsibilities from the FAA to the new Transportation Security Administration, and he co-chaired the FAA's successful efforts to adopt acquisition and personnel reform. Belger retired from the FAA in September 2002.
Belger was also the guy who set up the phone bridge... that was supposed to provide real time situational awareness between NMCC and the FAA.  It "didn't work that day". 
scroll down and look at note 167
The 9-11 commission basically caught him in a lie but they didn't pursue it.  Discussing whether or not to scramble military jets isn't something I think a person would forget under the circumstances.  It's their primary responsibility to get it done in an emergency. 
Lockheed's work for the FAA is worth exploring more.  It seems to me that Lockheed has just about taken over the FAA except for shell of appointees.   In fact, Lockheed has just about taken over our entire government - except for the shell of appointees.  And Lockheed is in partnership with the COMMUNIST Chinese.


September 11, 2001