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Conceptual Design - Congressional Record, Marc Tucker, NCEE to Hillary Clinton

Managed Workforce for a Planned Economy

America's Talent Bank

National America's Job, Talent, Information System

Idaho Student Information System

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SYLLABICATION    man·age·ment

To Control

Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted  ~  Vladimir Lenin

First the 'Smart ID' with the RFID chips, then the Verichip - one step at a time towards totalitarian control

The Guest Worker program is the capstone piece - requiring EVERYBODY to have newly issued government ID - "Real ID".

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National America's Job, Talent, Information System  Cradle-to-Grave TIA

Chronology of legislation leading to TIA in the Schools

Student Information Systems - Data Dictionaries

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Teachers Assessments - Lifetime Impact

Nation At Risk

Note:  Since I produced this page, the information about America's Job Bank and the One-Stop Shop - link between education and the workforce is slowing being pulled off the internet or buried.  Fortunately, I was able to capture the webpages of Americas job bank just as it was being buried behind the facade of websites that appear to be privately held.  The webpages in transition were captured in this PDF.  

WIA One-Stop Shop

Constructing the "Demand Driven Workforce" (ie. stable of slaves)

Teacher As Data Collector

Teacher Assessments

Psychological Profiles

Wisconsin's Child Mental Health Plan

Medicalization of the Schools

Teen Screen

Teen Screen - Diagnostic Predictive Scales (note the medical history questions - this information goes into the SIMS databases and can effect a child's ENTIRE life.)

Columbia University Teen Screen Questionnaire

Pharmaceutical Industry spent almost $1 BILLION lobbying in 8 years

Idaho Eagle Forum - Legislative Alerts on SIMS & Medicaid restructuring

Cumberland County Board of ED.  (They get a fee for filing Medicaid claims - incentive for facilitating 'services') "The NCSBA will process Medicaid billing and handle the collection of school-based, health-related services."

Soviet Poly-Technical Education

Career Pathways

Electronic Resume
America's Talent Bank

Constructing the "Demand Driven Workforce" (ie. stable of slaves)

NGA - Workforce - Next Steps

Worker Skills & Job Requirements

IT Committees & Working Groups
Includes Geospatial

Regional "Competitiveness" Authorities - For The Planned Economy

NCEE - Latest Report on "education reform":  Tough Choices or Tough Times calls for creating regional competitiveness authorities.  The regional authority would be responsible to coordinate and plan the educational programs for children to correspond with the economic development of the communities within the region.  Noteworthy clarification on these authorities (Pg 19-20, Step 10): 

“We settled on the word “authorities” to describe these new bodies because we wanted to convey the idea that they need to be more than debating societies.  They need to be able to raise and spend money needed to develop their regions over time.  If these new bodies are as successful as we think they will be, the federal government should consider lifting many of the restrictions on the separate programs they will administer and permitting them to combine the funds from these programs in ways that are more likely to lead to both strong economic growth and strong job growth, especially for the most vulnerable people in the country.” 

Lynn Stuter (commenting on the "reform" and the NCEE report):

A planned economy in which schools produce workers according to regional economic development strategies and regional labor market needs.  I have a graphic on my website that lays that particular facet out.  The rest of the story is that both regional economic development and regional labor market needs will be under the auspices of the federal Workforce Investment Board as set up by the Workforce Investment Act.  On the whole, the polytechnical system of education right out of the USSR!


Mikhail Gorbachev's WHOLE CHILD Program

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Student Information Systems - Data Dictionaries 

     Department of Education - Master Data Dictionary
     Idaho Dept. of Education Data Dictionary - subset of Master Data Dictionary      Data Element Lookup
Teacher Assessments (Opinions)

Behavioral Assessments have LIFE TIME IMPACT