Why Is Our Kids Not Learning?










It's not hard to answer this question after one begins investigating the trends in 'education' over the last several decades.  It would appear that we have turned our schools over to Communists... whoops - Communitarians.   The curriculum is more about building the global village and producing worker drones for the colony than it is about producing well educated people who are prepared to participate as citizens in a Democratic Republic.     

The 'transformation' in education is the implementation of the Soviet Union's program of Polytechnical education.  It is rooted in Marxist-Leninist philosophy.  

The programs are channeled from UNESCO through the Department of Education to Education Commission of the States and through the National Governor's Association.  The carrot of federal funding and the stick of denial of funds for critical programs are used as 'incentives'.   The 'private' side of Public-Private Partnerships for education supply a lot of the funding for the start up of the socialist programs; then once established, the legislators pass the costs on to the taxpayers. 

Training Drones For The Workplace

Core Values - Creating World Citizens

Sustainable Development - Indoctrination Programs