Millennium Declaration

This sounds like a noble goal that everybody could support - however, as with everything about the UN, the program is not what it appears.  The IMF and the World Bank structure assistance that come with mandates on how the money is to be spent and how the government is to operate.  This money is effectively bribe money for the government officials to sell the natural resources of the country to global corporate interests. 

Poverty Facts and Stats -

The following is an excellent series on world poverty which has been increasing with globalization:

Causes of Poverty -

Behind the increasing interconnectedness promised by globalization, are global decisions, policies, and practices. These are typically influenced, driven, or formulated by the rich and powerful. These can be leaders of rich countries or other global actors such as multinational corporations, institutions, and influential people.

In the face of such enormous external influence, the governments of poor nations and their people are often powerless. As a result, in the global context, a few get wealthy while the majority struggle.

One day while surfing around, I found a document from the World Bank: "Environment in Poverty Reduction Strategies and Poverty Reduction Support Credits".  It is a case study in the use of Positivism - the manipulation of people through the manipulation of language.  If you read it carefully, what they are saying is:

If you reduce poverty then we will give you support credits for economic development. 

That's backwards if the real goal is to reduce poverty.  To reduce poverty, you need economic development so effectively what they are doing is giving incentive for poor countries to eliminate their poor people.  Eliminate poverty by getting rid of your poor people.  And in fact, if you look at the African countries, that is exactly what is happening - genocide.  It makes the news from time to time, but the 'civilized, developed' countries don't do anything about it.  That's a big clue.  They made war on Iraq supposedly because Saddam was an evil dictator, but whatever the abuses of Saddam, he didn't hold a candle to the abuses of dictators in Africa, North Korea, China and other countries. The biggest crime of Saddam was that he was sitting on the 2nd largest oil reserve in the world and he was going to start fighting back at the globalist system of institutionalized theft and cultural cannibalization. 


U.S. Economic Policy - Lie Side Economics

We went from Keynesian economics to Supply Side economics to Lie Side Economics.   If you look at the economic policies of the United States, they are designed to drain the wealth from our nation into the pockets of an already wealthy minority.  As with the third world countries in previous decades, our country is being sold out from under us by corrupt politicians and government officials.  There is nothing easier than for corrupt government officials to lie about economic figures.  Since the wealthy also control the media, it's in their interest to mask the fraud and corruption.

The policies of the World Bank and IMF are evident in our country.  Trade agreements are being used as a cannibalizing force for our laws to allow the sale and corporate takeover of our government and natural resources.  Today in America, we have more hunger and poverty than at any time in our history - and we can expect that it will increase as time goes on. 

Here is a good example of a government report filled with lies.  It was written by the State Department which is really nothing more than a cancerous UN organ within the United States:


It's a no-brainer that if jobs and productive capacity are exported to foreign countries, the wealthy stock holders will profit while our country sinks into debt and the standard of living of the American people declines.  But it is unsustainable as an economic policy.  If you take a $60,000 job from an American and replace it with a $10,000 job, corporate profits soar at the ONE-TIME decrease in operating costs - but the country is worse off.  The tax base for the $60,000 job is gone.  The economic activity - which is both local and national - generated by the $60,000 job is gone.  The loss of that job is a direct transfer of wealth from this country to the receiving country.   

If you don't make any products, you have no products to sell on the global market.  The wealth of the corporations is NOT, the wealth of the nation.  It is the wealth of the owners of the corporation.   One of the biggest lies being told to Americans is that they are the owners of these corporations.  That's a fraud and the people are being fleeced.  A few shares of stock does not an owner make.  Insiders make money - the little guy loses.  Computerized trading of stocks has given the managers of the exchange and the big corporate traders the ability to manipulate the market.  They can create a boom or a drop with just a few keystrokes.  The so-called dot-com boom of the 90's is case in point. 

G7 Policy Agenda Creates World Poverty

VSO - Globalizing 'volunteerism'  -

VSO was voted top international development charity in the International Aid and Development category at the Charity Awards 2004 for its work in promoting innovative approaches to globalising volunteering

40 years on in Sri Lanka
Our first volunteers arrived in Sri Lanka in 1965. 40 years on we're still there, sharing skills and changing lives. Every 3.58 you send could help one more volunteer continue to share their skills for one more day.

If the stated goal was the real goal, 40 years would have been more than enough time to solve the problem wouldn't you think?  


The following is a link to a group in the UK.  It is a corporate sponsored think tank.  The obvious giveaway that this group is a corporate lie factory is the use of the term 'human capital'.  Corporations don't care about people - they care about profits.  People are simply 'factors of production' to be used and/or discarded if they are not involved in the business of generating profits.

Human Capital Acquisition and School Quality in South Africa

Global Falsehoods: How the World Bank and the UNDP Distort the Figures on Global Poverty   

Clinton Global Initiative

Note:  the link to Clinton Global Initiative no longer works so I captured the page via Wayback put it in a PDF.

This is Bill Clinton's initiative to reduce world poverty by increasing poverty in the United States.  Globalization is a transfer of wealth from the developed world to the developing world (where the corporations are doing business).   It is a good website to see the communio-fascist agents at work.  They describe all the noble goals behind which is the real agenda of more wealth for the already wealthy - and global control for the power mad. 


Brookings Receive $2.4 Million for Global Poverty - (there is big money in poverty)