Letter to Idaho's Congressman Mike Simpson.   We need to get this guy out of office.  He's done enough damage. 


October 20, 2008

Representative Simpson,

I was appalled as I watched you advocating for ‘Free Trade’ in the October 20, 2008 hearing on Economic Stimulus Strategies.  

You sir, are an ideologue - and worse, you are an ideologue in the Marxist philosophy “creative destruction” of our economy and hence our country. 

Pay attention because this is VERY, VERY SIMPLE:

Trade Deficit statistics:  

1986 -   $156 billion trade deficit
2007 -   $700 billion trade deficit   

 The trade deficit number means that we are buying more from outside the country (importing) than we are producing within the country to sell outside the country (exporting).   Red means IN THE HOLE.   DOWN.  NEGATIVE.    SPENDING MORE MONEY THAN WE ARE TAKING IN. 

The trade deficit number is due to the fraudulent ‘free trade’ agreements that were not about the commercial exchange of goods.  They were about the communist redistribution of wealth from this country to the un- and under developed countries of the world.   These “free trade” agreements exported the productive capacity of this nation and when coupled with the ‘Trade in Services’ leaves us with A THIRD WORLD ECONOMY. 

Trying to stimulate this economy either through tax cuts or transfer payments is like pouring water into a bucket with a hole in it and being surprised when it never fills up.  There is no amount of stimulus that will work because the entire structure of the globalized economy is flawed.  It is draining our country of wealth - transferring it to COMMUNIST China and SOCIALIST India.   

At this point in the game, anybody who advocates “Free Trade” should be thrown unceremoniously out of office…  and if I had my way, I’d put you all in the gulag for Grand Theft Country.


Vicky L. Davis,
Disgusted Constituent