Corporate Prostitutes at CNBC

March 7, 2009


After watching the video segment of CNBC's Powerlunch program titled, "Fire Foreigners First", I wrote the sent the following comment to them.  Here is their email address in case you feel like dropping them a note after you watch the video    



I listened to this segment "Fire Foreigners First"  and frankly, you make me want to puke.  You're all just like Tokyo Rose and someday you'll be called to account for your treason. 
The TRUTH... something you people know nothing about, is that Bill Gates is using the United States as a training facility for "Bridging the Digital Divide"  which is a global initiative to bring the Internet to all countries in the world.  It started with 1990 G8 Summit in Houston.  And one of the last things Clinton did on his way out the door was to stab us in the economic jugular when he created the 'Digital Opportunity Taskforce':
The agenda is marketed as a humanitarian endeavor, but in fact what it really is - is the initiative to create the global electronic gulag.  To implement the command and control systems over the entire world, they first had to connect the global network and then bring the technology to the people - people who didn't even have telephones.  
It's beyond disgusting that Americans would so betray their fellow country as to gut our country's middle class, destroy the economy and then pay prostitutes such as yourselves to lie and propagandize to destroy them emotionally as well.  I don't even have the words adequate to express my revulsion for you. 
Vicky Davis
Twin Falls, ID
                 PROTECTIONISM  IS   GOOD !!!