The Tech Industry's Joke on the World

Words are just to puny to describe concepts like this:

This morning I was starting do some research looking for an Enterprise Zone in North Carolina.    
One of the listings in my search mentioned President Clinton's "Community Enterprise Board".  Naturally, I jumped on that one. 
Here is what I found:
1994 Hearing of the Sub Committee on Economic Development, Committee on Public Works and Transportation.   Norm Mineta, Chairman.   (Note:  the act was passed in 1993, this was a review of progress hearing)
Here is the summary but read just the first 10 pages or so:      pdf is on the left

SUMMARY OF SUBJECT MATTER for February 7, 1994 hearing to review

current efforts and plans of the Appalachian Regional Commission and the

Economic Development Administration to support Empowerment Zones and

Enterprise Communities with infrastructure development.

I also found this bio on Al Gore.  Al Gore's greasy fingerprints are all over this:
It couldn't be more clear that the whole environmental agenda that came out of RIO was the conceptual design plan for automation of the infrastructure (i.e. control systems for resource utilization - aka environmental control systems)  using the idea of "preservation and protection" of mother earth as the marketing plan and including the changes to lifestyle and social systems that would result.   They needed some really big concepts to justify automation of the infrastructure because of the costs involved.  For example, to implement the systems for control of electricity usage (smart meters, smart appliances, smart grid),  where is the justification without the really big ideas of global environmental disasters if we don't?   There is none.  
Earth in the Balance was published in 1992.    "Earth in the Balance:  Ecology and the Human Spirit".

And the inner city ghettos and the Indian Reservations were the low hanging fruit to justify the beginning of the rebuilding of the infrastructure - and of course, we know that it's mushroomed from there.  The way Al Gore talks in this speech, you'd think he actually cares about "the little people"  but we know that's not true for sure.

1993 Al Gore speech at The Kennedy School Forum  - talking about the "Community". 
New York Times Article, 1993
Clinton Adds to Government to Help Him Subtract
It's a tangled web of lies built by the technology corporations to build their businesses - like I said recently - at the expense of the entire rest of the economy - and actually, the rest of the world.

These people of the Tech Industry are so brilliant - and so evil. 


Vicky Davis
August 11, 2010