The Territory of Babel



Everybody who is even half awake knows by now that the objective of the globalists is to create a global system of “governance”.   The reason for softening the word government is because people would immediately understand that a totalitarian regime was being built and that would cause a mobilization to stop it.  There is no doubt that these globalists will have a world, totalitarian government if they aren’t stopped, but that word, government, won’t be used for another fifty or sixty years so we still have a little time to wake the sleeping rubes while we’re still in this transformative stage. 


A decade ago, the idea of a global totalitarian regime rising to power would never have entered my mind.  After all – the United States, the Great and Good country, champion for the oppressed; fighters of communism around the world; feeding the hungry; the provider of education and medical assistance around the world, would never allow such a thing.  How naïve I was.  After a decade long trek through the lonely and frigid zone of reality – outside the delusion bubble and now looking back in, it’s clear that the United States has been used by the “Great Satans” to build this totalitarian system.  It appears that the plans are for the United States to become the “Territory of Babel” – the new Babylon.  That sounds like the plot for a Grade B, movie straight from Hollywood, but that’s my conclusion.


The idea of a new Babylon isn’t unique to me.  A lot of people are saying it, but I have yet to see anybody say it that hasn’t used the bible along with comparisons of then and now as their “proof”.   Since my religious training consists of Sunday School when I was about six years old, using the bible for anything is out of the question.  What I do have though, are the observations. 


The kickoff date for Armageddon was December 8, 1994.  That was the date that President William J. Clinton signed the Uruguay Round Agreements Retirement Protection Act of 1994.  It became Public Law 103-465.  The signing of this legislation cleared the way for the creation of the World Trade Organization and it ended economic sovereignty for all countries that signed on.   Without economic sovereignty, a country has no power to control what happens to their nation.    The power of the nation states shifted to the global corporations.  There was a mass exodus of production facilities from the United States to cheap labor countries where they could maximize their profits.   The mass exodus of production corresponded to the rise in imports to the United States.  As we produce less, we import more.


Under the international system, the global corporations have the power – and they are using it to destroy nations – and with the nations, the identities, the institutions, the laws and the culture – the social moorings of people.   


Beginning at about the same time, there was an incessant propaganda campaign that continues to this day.  The propaganda is that the United States has “shortages” of workers in all career categories.   There was also massive illegal migration of Mexicans to the United States with no serious response from U.S. officials.  There was a lot of lip service, but no real effort to deport the invaders.  The media propaganda for illegal migrants is that “Americans don’t want these jobs”.


In this search for reality, it came as a surprise to learn that corporations were empowered to import their own labor force to the United States using some seventy different visas.   And individual investors were given special visas that lead to citizenship for the price of $500k to $1 million depending on the location – in effect, allowing them to buy citizenship via the EB-5 visa.    Despite massive unemployment and underemployment of Americans, this practice importing foreign workers continues with the full support of the Congress – Republicans supporting white collar imports and Democrats supporting illegals with neither side supporting Americans in any substantial way.


As American corporations were heading for the exits, foreign corporations came rushing in.     Since about 1990, there has been a significant increase in the use of Foreign Trade Zones that are essentially foreign soil under the management of Customs and Border Protection – a joke if ever there was one.   Goods of unknown type and quantity can be shipped in and out with inspections only at the whim of the CBP.   Local law enforcement cannot enter an FTZ without an invitation from CBP.  And the Subzones to an FTZ do not have to be adjacent to the FTZ.  They only need to have an Internet connection and declare themselves to be engaged in international commerce. 


Recently in Idaho, it was discovered that the Communist Chinese government took over what started out to be an American startup assisted through “university innovation system”.  As soon as the company, Hoku, received approval for Subzone status, the Chinese converted credits for unfulfilled contracts for polysilicon into stock to become the majority shareholder.  It is well known by our public officials that the Communist Chinese government owns and controls Chinese businesses and yet, they are actively soliciting Communist Chinese foreign direct investment in this country.   Supposedly, Hoku, now a Communist Chinese company will be exporting their production to China – the economics of which make no sense whatsoever.


A year ago September, Obama announced a strategy to boost exports this was followed by a visit from Hu Jintao, President of China and then there was a “subnational cooperation forum” sponsored by the National Governor’s Association.  The governors of many of the states are going to China and other countries and like street beggars - they are seeking foreign direct investment.  So it would see that American policy is to get Foreign Direct Investment – foreigners to create businesses who will then export their production – none of which makes sense in a rational world.  However, if one looks at it from the point of view of a globalist seeking to control all of the economies of the world, then it begins to make sense.


Expanding on the statement of the problem:  the bailout money that was supposed to be spent on American economic recovery went to foreign banks.  American banks won’t lend to American businesses.  Foreigners are systematically replacing the American people in the labor market.  We have the EPA writing regulations to inhibit American business activity; we have the Army Corps of Engineers blowing dikes and flooding farmland; we have FEMA rewriting floodplain maps to decrease property values and to make property unusable; our government is seeking foreign direct investment for foreigners to start businesses that will no doubt receive designations of Foreign Trade Zone or Subzone Status.  They will produce here for export with no substantial benefit for this country or it’s people. 


As if that were not enough, this morning on C-Span, there was a re-run of a hearing held on March 10, 2011 titled, “The Extent of Radicalization” among American Muslims.   The issue is of course, terrorism in our midst.  It was sickening to watch except for one thing –- when Leroy Baca, Los Angeles County Sheriff testified and he used a term that put everything into perspective:  “If we are to be a Society of the World…”.    That’s it.   The globalist plan is for the United States to be the Society of the World, the Territory of Babel with one or more communities of people from every nation on earth.


It appears to this writer that the plan is for a bizarre bazaar with “our” domestic production (produced by foreigners) exported through foreign trade zones – and “our” domestic consumption imported through foreign trade zones.    This makes all commerce flow through the foreign trade zones giving the global bankers absolute control over the global economy once the system is operational in all countries.  They will have the ability to finance the global totalitarian system of government through a percentage take on all commerce flowing through the Foreign Trade Zones.   At the point the system is fully in place and all countries are captive and dependent, then the real Great Satan will make his appearance to rule the world. 


Vicky Davis

August 26, 2011


Note:  After reading this commentary, my UK friend sent me a link to the EU Parliament Building: The Tower of Babel.


Note:  "The Robin Hood Tax"  is a an article about the Tobin Tax.  It speaks about the financial markets but eventually, the tax would be on all financial transactions - with the largest of these transactions going through Customs at the Foreign Trade Zones.


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