IRS Targeting Tea Party?  

Nope.... It's a Dialectic and a Fraud

I'm listening to the Republican press conference on the IRS targeting of people based on their political views - allegedly.

I was feeling pretty good for a minute. It sounded as the members of Congress actually were beginning to get it that we are living in a police state. And then the other shoe fell.

This press conference was organized by Michelle Bachman, former IRS Agent. When the woman who was allegedly targeted for special scrutiny spoke... "what we need to do is to get rid of the IRS and implement the Fair Tax".   BOOM!   There it is. This deal with the IRS is a dialectic.

The people who promoted the Fair Tax were the biggest liar psychopaths I've ever seen in my life. And that's not an exaggeration.

The Fair Tax, if you recall was the elimination of income tax, replaced by sales tax on EVERYTHING! Your utility bill, doctor bills, your mortgage interest.... EVERYTHING!

They said it would eliminate the IRS... that was a lie. It just restructures the IRS so that agents will be crawling around your neighborhood to make sure that "sales tax" is paid on the "lawn mowing service". The majority of the tax will be collected by corporations.

They said it would be 23% ... but that was a lie. It was a trick in the calculation. It was 23% "inclusive". Here is what I wrote several years ago:

The 23% ‘inclusive’ sales tax rate is actually 30%. They deceive supporters using mathematical trickery. Assume you are going to buy a $10.00 item. The sales tax rate will be 30% making the total $13.00. They then use the $3.00 tax as a percentage of the $13.00 total to come up with the 23% rate. 3.00 / 13.00 = .23 That’s the reason for the ‘inclusive’ qualifier on the tax rate they give.

The biggest trick of all though is that the Fair Tax is the privatization of tax collection. It is another step toward full blown fascism and the elimination of the American government. Canada has a "goods and services" tax which is the Fair Tax equivalent. I'm sure Mexico has one as well - or is in the process of passing one. In other words.... this is the North American Union tax system.

Oh... I almost forgot. Corporations will be exempt from taxation.

God I hate these people.

May 16, 2013

I'm calling my members of Congress right now.

Here is my Fair Tax research

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