Vicky's Rants

Bill Gates & The Slavering Dogs

On March 12, 2008, Bill Gates was the royal witness at a hearing of the House Committee on Science and Technology.   Hearing Charter:  Competitiveness and Innovation on the Committee’s 50th Anniversary with Bill Gates, Chairman of Microsoft

The following is the comment I wrote to the committee after watching the hearing:

Few things in life disgust me more than watching Bill Gates testify to Congress with the members of Congress acting like slavering dogs.

Bill Gates is a businessman - not an educator and not a philanthropist. He gave money to schools as a business investment - nothing more. The U.S. spends over a trillion dollars per year on education, his few billion investment to buy into the education community was pocket change compared to the money he is looking at taking out of the system - not for the benefit of American children but for his own purpose.

It's disgusting to watch as you all pretend that more education will keep jobs in this country. It's the difference in wages and the trade agreements favoring "developing countries" for the purpose of redistribution of wealth that are the problems... and your committee d*** well knows it because it is your committee that works to align U.S. policy with the COMMUNIST United Nations.

What you people are doing is so shameful I'm having a hard time keeping this civil. Pandering to Bill Gates' demand for more cheap labor at the expense of American youth is beyond treacherous.

The agenda of the Comintern is to destroy the U.S. economy and break our nation - and you are aiding and abetting in that effort.. and I only hope that someday the full magnitude of what you are doing is presented to you in the form of an indictment for betrayal of America and the American people.