A B C(omputer)'s of Economics

It seems to me that nobody is really diagnosing the economic problems of this country correctly and because of that, the problems are compounding massively.   The first problem is that the politicians in this country didn't understand what the Internet was going to do to our country.  In effect, the Internet made us all part of a single economic entity - like a corporation.  With everybody connected up to what is in effect, a corporate computer system, corporate efficiencies in economic processes began to be implemented.  That means consolidation of process and elimination of redundancies.  That's why some corporations - especially the internet centered corporations grew so big so fast, corporations have merged - trying to survive, and some have collapsed and filed bankruptcy. 

The idea of centralized "marketplaces" for trading securities, commodities, etc  should tell you that the people of influence understood the nature of corporate computer systems and what would ultimately happen to the global economy... king of the hill, only one survivor. 

Compounding the problem, the puppet leaders of the G8 countries decided to internationalize our financial system in about 1990 and in 1995 in Brussels, they decided on building the 'Global Information Society' - to connect the Internet globally.   What the financial services industry did was to establish the credit derivatives market so that they could bet against our economy.  Betting against us was a NO BRAINER if a person understood the inherent nature of computer systems and automation - and they did understand and they've all made fortunes beyond comprehension as our economy is bled dry by the "efficiencies of the marketplace". 

The IT people who were at the core of this conspiracy against the American people, knew what was going to happen to our economy.  The reason I know that and can say it without doubt is because of the national computer systems they designed to manage the economy and institutional infrastructure in a corporate, centrally planned manner.  Look at nationalized medical records.  Look at the integrated school-workforce development systems that include America's Job Bank and America's Talent Bank.   Look at the concept of computerized voting (which thankfully was exposed as a way to permanently fix elections).  Look at the global supply chain management system (smart borders, smart ports, smart ID, etc.)  Look at the Fusion Centers for surveillance, emergency management, and supply chain - freight tracking.    

I could go on listing the systems that are being implemented and/or facilitated by government and their "partners"  but the bottom line is that what they've done is to corporatize our country.  They turned it into a fascist, corporate state - and at the same time, they built the global governance system - effectively eliminating U.S. national sovereignty. 

Our problems won't end until everybody understand this and the real problems of corporatization of the economy are addressed.


Vicky Davis
December 14, 2009