Bait and Switch

A woman named Chappel was a guest on C-Span this morning to talk about the agenda of the Detroit Economic Club.  This is an open letter to her.  I would have left the link to it - but to leave a message for this outfit, they want all personal information just short of your bank account number.   


Ms. Chappel,

Do you know what a bait and switch is? A bait and switch is what America’s trade agreements were. They were sold to the American people on the idea that they would increase exports. The way the agreements were negotiated, they empowered foreign multinational corporations virtually free access to America’s markets while leaving in place the tariff and non-tariff barriers of foreign countries. The WTO empowered the foreign corporations to sue our government to break down our laws if they interfered with a foreign corporations ability to do business in this country – with the result being “pay for phantom profits – or eliminate the law”.

The design of the ‘free trade’ agreements made it more attractive for American corporations to move offshore – and to reimport back into this country – without penalty to the bottom line. These agreements and our participation in the WTO have destroyed our economy.

Keep that in mind as you think of the agenda you are promoting. Allegedly what your organization is doing is promoting manufacturing – of what? Windmills? The absurdity of that is laughable. But at least I understand it now. Ford Motor Company wants America to build an electric grid so they can sell electric cars.  The Windmill idea is to justify the cost of the grid (which of course it doesn't).  

The bait and switch part of it is that Ford will be doing the same thing that GM did. They will build the cars in COMMUNIST China and they will import them into the United States. Americans will pay for the Smart Grid infrastructure that really becomes the police state control grid for a 21st Century fascist run COMMUNIST nation. But they still won’t have the jobs. The Windmill turbines are a joke. Picture in your mind a factory pumping out windmill turbines at the same pace that car manufacturers can pump out automobiles. Do you see the problem? Can you figure out that the windmills are also a bait and switch?

The whole program of the Smart Grid, the redesign of the education system to be a supply chain of workers, the smart transportation system designed for the global supply chain – imports from COMMUNIST China are all elements of the redesigned America to become COMMUNIST America.

The Ford name is being disgraced by this bait and switch plan for “transformation”. Henry Ford helped build this country. And now the company he built is being used to destroy it.

That’s what you are promoting in your position with the Detroit Economic club.

Vicky Davis
December 15, 2009


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