The Enemy Within

The final piece of the puzzle that explains everything is that the people who run the U.S. State Department are World Federalists.  No doubt some people's reaction to that will be, "well duh".  But for me, it's a revelation because I've been learning about our history and international relations from the bottom up - tracing systems that I thought were national, that turned out to be international, trying to make sense of domestic policy that hurts Americans, and trying to figure out where the power centers are that seem to have the enemies of our nation running our country.  I had already traced it to State Department - but that final piece - the fact that they are World Federalists eluded me until now. 
When the question occurred to me this morning, I did a search to see what I could find on the subject.  I found this article by Cliff Kincaid and I know what he is saying is true because I saw an article about Koh on a World Federalist website: 
So, American people, if you want to know who the enemies are... look at the World Federalists (State Department).  They are the monsters who have been bringing us nightmares for decades and decades.  They are the enemy within:
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Vicky Davis
December 10, 2009