Fake Health Care Reform


I'm listening to the coverage on this and I'm getting so pissed off.  No apologies for the language.  This legislation is not about health care.  It does several things for the globalists. 
1.  The mandatory requirement ensures that everybody gets a national ID card. 
2.  The "premium"  is actually a tax which is why the IRS will be the enforcer.  It is Phase One of the replacement of the income tax - exactly what the moron libertarians wanted - the "FAIR TAX" -  a consumption tax on health care - prepaid so they can set up the enforcement system.  And it's only the beginning because they will be putting consumption taxes on everything.  It's part of the dismantling of the nation.  Sales tax is a territorial tax collected by the multinational corporations - insurance companies included.   
3.  The coverage for the uninsured is a joke.  The actual changes to the health care system are for EUGENICS, ELDERCIDE and genetic experimentation - applied genomics just like Dr. Francis Collins said at a recent National Press Club event where he spoke.  The nationalized medical records are what is enabling the research.  And none of the governors that I know of (BUTCH OTTER to name one)  balked at the nationalization of medical records.  Are nationalized medical records going to save money?   Only by elimination of users of the health care system - THAT'S WHY THEY ARE CALLING IT A WELL CARE SYSTEM!  The government is having to pay doctors to buy the systems and install them.  WHY?   BECAUSE IT WILL COST THEM MORE THAN THEY ARE WORTH TO THE DOCTOR!   DOES THE INSURANCE COMPANY NEED YOUR MEDICAL RECORDS?  NO... THEY ONLY NEED THE DIAGNOSIS CODE AND THE PROCEDURES!
I'm so sick of the lies and corruption and stupidity I can't stand it.   What is happening in this country is treason and criminal racketeering - protection racketeering as they dismantle and destroy the country. 
We need to do two things.   We need to OUTLAW insurance - ALL insurance.  Just outright ban it and put these criminals out of business.   The other thing we need to do is to legalize drugs to take that flow of money away from the criminals gangs and so that we have enough police to focus on the real criminals that are taking this country apart. 
If the officials and people of this country don't begin to recognize everything that is happening as a strategic globalist plan for the demise of this nation, then the country will be lost forever.

Vicky Davis
March 22, 2010


One of the emails I received after sending out my rant was this link to an article posted on ALIPAC:  

Opportunity comes knocking on outsourcing firms' doors