How Communists Came to Control Our Government

Alex Jones put out an article this morning claiming that there is a fascist takeover in progress.  I thought that too early in my research because of how the Chamber of Commerce and the Business Roundtable seem to be controlling our election process and dictating policy to the government.  But the more I research, the more I understand that it is Communism we are fighting - not fascism.  

What should be clear to everybody in the alternate media is that whatever the mainstream reports as general concepts - whatever they've pounded into your head, the opposite is actually true.  Think about this... of all the history you seen and heard talked about in the media.  What got more coverage?  Germany and the Nazis?   Or the Russian Revolution, Stalin and his reign of terror and the atrocities committed in the name of Communism?

A lot of what went on in Germany that we know about was done by Communists who then fled Germany and came here.  And those same Communists and their devil spawn have been working in the United States the same way they worked in Germany - to break down the culture, break down the family, and to implement police state rule - while they strip assets from the domestic population.   Communism is an organized criminal activity - racketeering, murder, theft - name the crime because nothing is beneath them.

And as I documented in my latest commentary, the Communists were invited into our country by Ronnie "The Red" Reagan.  It was during the Reagan Administration that there was a takeover of the republican party.  It went from American conservatism to Eastern Bloc Conservatism - which is communist, Marxist.   The Reagan Democrats were Communists.   The "free trade" policies that Reagan brought in were International Communism - asset stripping the United States and redistributing jobs elsewhere in the world - not to help people from other countries - but to bring about the demise of the economic power of the American people to resist communist takeover.   The "free trade" policies flooded American markets with cheap imports forcing American businesses offshore - or parish.  And our economy is collapsing and the communist takeover is nearing completion - probably just the same as it was done in other countries if we knew the history of the other countries that have fallen.    

A while back, I put together a webpage of information and links for further research.  It's just straight links and excerpts for the most part. 

How Communists Came to Control Our Government

Vicky Davis
April 1, 2010