Just Listen... That's All 

If you were a football fan and you went to the games regularly, and you noticed that in every game, there were skirmishes on either side of the field allowing the quarterback to run up the middle, youíd say this is pretty dumb, this is not a game.  Youíd say, ĎIím not going to waste my time and money on this farce anymore (except if you are a NASCAR fan who never tires of seeing cars going round and round and round).  So why do people go along with the fixed game that the democrats and republicans play for us?  The quarterback always runs up the middle for the touchdown and our team (American citizens/taxpayers) loses.  And so it is with Health Care Reform Ė that isnít.

We have the same skirmishes on the left: number of uninsured, donít care how much it costs as long as they can dictate terms, blah blah blah and on the right: cost of coverage, and donít take mine even for people bleeding in the street blah blah blah while the quarterback runs up the middle.  They will pass the reform legislation.  How do I know?  I know because the medical research community is already beginning to celebrate their victory.  And thatís what this reform is really about.  Itís about a redesign of the health care system to facilitate biomedical research and engineering. 

I understand that not everybody has the capability to see a pile of tinker toys or leggos on the floor and visualize them placed in such a way to create an engineering marvel.  I donít have that talent either.  I do have a talent for hearing descriptions of processes and ideas and putting them together to design computer systems and to analyze the designs of others.  But in this case Ė the case of the health care reform, you donít really need to know the ďhowĒ of it that I can give you.  All you need to do is listen to them because they are telling you straight up what they are going to do.   All you have to do is listen to their words and know that they mean what they are saying in the very real and literal sense.  At this point, I feel like doing a Sam Kinison scream: ďTHEYíRE GOING TO EXPERIMENT ON YOUR BODY!!!   DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT?!!! DO YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS TO LAB RATS?!!   DO YOU WANT TO BE A LAB RAT?!!!  

At this point, there is always somebody who says, dohía how da ya know?  Huh?  How da ya know?   How do I know?  HOW DO I KNOW?!!!    BECAUSE I LISTEN TO WHAT THEY SAY!!!

And you can listen to it too Ė

C-Span website

February 26, 2010

Dr. Francis Collins, Director of the National Institutes of Health spoke about the advances in medical research in areas such as cancer, cochlear implants to aid hearing loss, HIV/AIDS, and other issues. Heís noted for his work as a geneticist as the former director of the National Human Genome Research Institute. This event was part of the National Press Club luncheon series.


And you can read about it:

Priorities for Personalized Medicine     


This whole debate about insurance reform IS A FRAUD!    Think about what the health insurance companies doÖ they process claims and the collect premiums for coverage.  Thatís all.  The claims are processed electronically.   And they have programs that do statistical analysis on disease occurrences and cost of services and they project future costs based on experience of disease occurrences, cost of service and probability.  Itís not really rocket science.  Itís accounting.  THATíS ALL!

If they really wanted to build a quality health care system, the one thing they would do is to make it non-profit, but thatís the only thing they arenít even discussing.   Itís disgusting beyond words.   There really is no valid argument against going non-profit.  Itís not as if there wouldnít be an ample number of people available to take jobs in a non-profit system.  In fact, it would be better to eliminate people who are only in it for the money because at its core, health care is a humanitarian endeavor Ė or should be.