New Markets

I was listening to Rep. Frank Pallone on C-Span this morning talking about their "health care" reform and how they are trying to create a "level playing field" among doctors.  I've heard this discussed before.  Specialists make a lot more money than family practitioners so one of the goals of reform is to fix that.  Another thing he said was that some doctors order too many tests like MRI's so their idea is to reduce the payment for a doctor that has ordered too many MRI's.    That gave me an idea.

Since we don't know how many MRI's is too many, and since a dermatologist will have an excess allocation of MRI's that he won't ever use, I suggest a new market for trading.   Doctor's could all be given a pre-determined allocation of procedures like being staked to a poker game.  They could then trade for billable procedures that their patients need.

I see a whole new sector spawning from a health care procedure trading system.  More software jobs for Indians and it's good for patients too because they won't be denied by omission, the medical procedures they need.  All the doctor has to do is to get on his computer and do some day trading - "I'll trade you one appendectomy for 3 MRI's."  It'd be great.  The Wall Street Casino boyz could paid a small percentage of the billable procedure in the trade for managing the market.  And the government could sell some procedures into the market when "shortages" occur. 

I'm really beginning to get into this whole "market-based" system thing.  We'll just let the wisdom of the market work for us. 

Vicky Davis
June 16, 2009

[Of course I'm being facetious but I would bet that two or so years after health care reform is implemented, it will be suggested.]