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In my research on intermodal commerce zones/inland ports, I looked at the wiki page for the Vatican to see when their zone of exclusivity was established.  Interesting..  1929, Treaty of Lateran.     

I found a copy of the treaty Lateran Pacts of 1929.  I don't know if it's true and correct but I'm assuming that it is. The brief introduction before the text of the treaty says the following:

"The Lateran Pacts of 1929 contained three sections—the Treaty of Conciliation (27 articles) which established Vatican City as an independent state, restoring the civil sovereignty of the Pope as a monarch, the Financial Convention annexed to the treaty (3 articles) which compensated the Holy See for loss of the papal states, and the Concordat (45 articles), which dealt with the Roman Catholic Church's ecclesiastical relations with the Italian State."

Notice that in the Financial Convention, Italy agreed to pay reparations to the church for properties appropriated by the Italian government as part of the agreement.  Italy didn't have all the money so the church agreed to accept some money and some bonds.  Since I've been looking at the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), I tried to find out if the BIS is the Vatican's bank because the BIS was created in 1930 and the ostensible purpose was to handle German reparations.  I didn't find that, but the timing of the 1929 stock market crash (banks calling in all loans) and the 1930 creation of the BIS is just a little bit too coincidental. 

Economic Recovery is an Illusion by Andrew Gavin Marshall

"The Plan went into effect in 1930, following the stock market crash. Part of the Plan entailed the creation of an international settlement organization, which was formed in 1930, and known as the Bank for International Settlements (BIS). It was purportedly designed to facilitate and coordinate the reparations payments of Weimar Germany to the Allied powers. However, its secondary function, which is much more secretive, and much more important, was to act as “a coordinator of the operations of central banks around the world.” Described as “a bank for central banks,” the BIS “is a private institution with shareholders but it does operations for public agencies. Such operations are kept strictly confidential so that the public is usually unaware of most of the BIS operations.”[2]

The BIS was founded by “the central banks of Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Japan, and the United Kingdom along with three leading commercial banks from the United States, including J.P. Morgan & Company, First National Bank of New York, and First National Bank of Chicago. Each central bank subscribed to 16,000 shares and the three U.S. banks also subscribed to this same number of shares.” However, “Only central banks have voting power.”[3]

This proves two things to me.  First, my feeling that economists who try to explain the world through a set of specially selected statistics really are nothing but bullsh*t artists is correct.  Second, banking really is a Ponzi scheme and every time they hit the wall, they just suck all the money out of the countries in which they do business, and they start a new bank with some cash and a lot of bonds.   My prediction is that soon, we'll hear that we've made contact with aliens and they'll establish the First Galactic Bank of Mars and Happy Days will be here again. 

Back to the Vatican... I was working with somebody else who said that the real center of the church is St. John's Lateran Basilica or just the Lateran Basilica.  In his email, here is what he said:

The VATICAN is *NOT... repeat, NOT* the seat of the Bishop of Rome. It is NOW, and always has been, the Basilica of St. John Lateran. THAT is where the RCC is headquarted TECHNICALLY, despite whatever else they may try and bluff you with. Most of THEM don't even know this.

Anyway, that is LOCATION #2 on the map below, FIRMLY within the traditional walled CITY OF SEVEN MOUNTAINS, Roma.

And he included a link to a picture of it:  City of Seven Mountains.   Wiki of the Seven Hills of Rome (easier graphic).

Not being a religious person, I didn't realize I was bumping right into Revelations and biblical prophesy. 

Revelation 17-9  "The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sits..."

The Pope just resigned.  If they choose a woman to be Popette... I'm heading for the hills!

Here is a brief write-up on the Ancient Cities of Seven Hills and Bible Prophecy.  Speaking as an outsider to all of this, it seems rather obvious to me that the hills of Rome were symbolically associated with the seven continents of the world with the vision of world domination by seven monarchs and rule from the Vatican once the territories had been conquered.  (P.S. don't try to debate with me if you think I'm wrong because truth be told, I don't care.)     

I found a website - "futurist guy" who has a very interesting article about it from a sociological point of view - along with a links to some videos - don't miss these videos (only two of them work - Palin and Reclaiming the 7 mountains).  

In my way of connecting things, I see Bill Bright, founder the campus crusade as the early script writer for the libertarian movement (inside the republican party) that was spawned as a prerequisite for the technocratic revolution.  It you are going to rebuild systems, you must destroy the old to implement the new.  They came to real power during the Reagan Administration which is probably why he is deified by the Christian right.  


Anyway, that was an interesting little detour from my quest to find information about the Vatican.  I did ultimately find what I was looking for:

Internet Portal of Vatican City State

Maritime access

"Even though Vatican City has no direct access to the sea, by virtue of the Barcelona Declaration of 1921, it is allowed to sail its own vessels flying the papal flag."

The Holy See

Although having no direct access to the sea, the Vatican, by the Barcelona Declaration of 1921, was admitted to the Maritime with its own vessels flying the flag of the Pope. Currently the State does not exercise this right.

Wiki on Admiralty Law - see the history
Cornell Law School - Overview of Admiralty

The following are links to information on the subject of the Barcelona Declaration and it's meaning either directly, indirectly or through evolutionary inheritance: 

A copy of the Convention and Statute on the Regime of Navigable Waterways of International Concern (Barcelona Declaration of 1921) was found on the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations via a link on the Hamline School of Law website under the Water Law section.  A brief synopsis was found on a website that has excerpted text from International Law books and a few observations from the person who wrote the page.  See the section titled, States Without a Sea-board


Sand in the Works:  Enclaves challenging Metropolitan States   -   Read the abstract.   Consider what you read there with this article on Sovereign Citizens.


Vatican City State - notice use of the term State Departments

Page 5 - Euro-Med Conference  1995,  Section begins Free-Trade Area on Page 4.  This agreement is intended to turn some countries of the middle east into a common market (refer back to the history of Rome).

The participants also agree to cooperate in other areas and, to that effect:

stress the importance of developing and improving infrastructures, including through the establishment of an efficient transport system, the development of information technologies and the modernization of telecommunications. They agree to draw up a programme of priorities for that purpose;

- undertake to respect the principles of international maritime law, in particular freedom to provide services in international transport and free access to international cargoes. The results of the ongoing multilateral trade negotiations on maritime transport services being conducted within the WTO will be taken into account when agreed;

undertake to encourage cooperation between local authorities and in support of regional planning;

recognizing that science and technology have a significant influence on socioeconomic development, agree to strengthen scientific research capacity and development, contribute to the training of scientific and technical staff and promote participation in joint research projects based on the creation of scientific networks;

agree to promote cooperation on statistics in order to harmonize methods and exchange data.


So what is the point?  What does all this mean?  Actually, it's support for one nit detail in the 300 or so (just guessing) pages I've written on intermodal commerce zones/inland ports and that is - that the corridor system and international port network in the U.S. is based on Admiralty/Maritime law.  I knew that but didn't have the documentation for it. 

Obviously, it also means that I'm obsessed.  I'm a prisoner of the Infowar living under self-imposed isolation  until I conclusively prove that the world is upside down - inside out crazy.  In the process, I have become alienated from the people around me.  I exist in person but I live on the net. 

Lord Help Me Before I Research Again!

Vicky Davis
February 12, 2013