Remedy for Government Corruption


The United States government is corrupt.  It no longer represents the interests of the American people.  The justice system exists to protect the government which by definition means that they are protecting the corrupt.  This places the American people in the position of having no recourse to fight the criminal enterprise operating under the color of law other than to take up arms to try and bring down the criminals.  There should be another alternative.  Here is one idea:

The Attorney General's office is where investigations begin.  If they don't initiate an investigation or they dog an investigation into obvious criminal activity or activity that violates the U.S. Constitution, a citizens group could be empowered by a court to investigate the criminal activity, present the findings to the court and request the court to appoint a prosecuting attorney to carry on with the investigation and prosecution.  In a way, it's rather like an extension of the grand jury system except that they are self-initiating and they are deputized to seek their own evidence and make the recommendation for prosecution.   It would have to be a federal court that would empower the citizen group. 


A procedure like this would have to be limited to only the most serious of cases in which there is a compelling interest by a lot of citizens to seek justice so there would have to be strict rules regarding qualification for judicial consideration - maybe something like signed petitions with  1/2 of 1 percent of registered voters from each of the 50 states all demanding investigation. 

The citizens seeking judicial authorization would have to produce a compelling report of the suspected criminal activity including the malfeasance of the Justice Department and the signers of the petition would have to swear that they'd read the report and agree that an investigation is warranted.  

The petition to the court would include naming 3 lead citizen investigators including their qualifications to lead the investigation, a list of the team of citizen investigators and their qualifications for participation - which wouldn't necessarily have anything to do with the legal system. 

The petition would include a request for court order for:  (1) the U.S. government to pay the expenses for the investigation including stipends for the citizen investigators, expenses for the investigation; one or two consulting criminal or prosecuting attorneys, and other expenses as can be justified based on the progressive results of the investigation.    

I don't see any reason why this couldn't be done now with the 9/11 events or the mortgage market meltdown.  In both of these cases, citizens have a compelling interest in prosecuting criminal activity and seeking full restitution from the criminals should they be found guilty.   In both cases, there is obvious malfeasance in the U.S. Justice Department for failure to seek prosecution of criminal wrong doing.   And for the mortgage meltdown, malfeasance in the Treasury Department, SEC and other agencies of government for allowing it to happen and then asking the taxpayers to bail out the institutions after they've been looted. 

The U.S. Constitution provides for citizens to petition the government for redress of wrongdoing by the government.   It seems to me like we should be able to demand the right from a federal court - but we have to make a compelling case and you can't make a compelling case without an investigation. 

And that's my rant for today, September 14, 2008