Sacrificing the Children

To the best of my recollections, it was sometime in the 1970's when the large corporations began a strategy of playing off one taxing district against others.  You can dress it up with whatever language you want, but what it came down to was blackmail.  Either give us breaks on property taxes or we'll move our company to the next county, the next city, the next state and finally, the next country.  Obviously, it's been a very successful strategy for corporations - and a devastating strategy for communities and families and our country as a whole. 

The bigger the corporate profits, the more money they had to spend warping our political system and our political dialog.  The talking points of the two political parties are carefully crafted.  It doesn't matter whether you vote for the Republican or the Democrat.  The programs that will be implemented are the same  regardless of who gets elected.  Professionals craft the political messages to speak to the base of the party to make it appear as if there is a difference when what they are really doing is just focusing on different ways to look at the programs.  And each time, both Republicans and Democrats are disappointed with their selection because the rhetoric didn't quite match up with the programs. 

The power of the corporations to control our government reached the pinnacle in 1990 when President George H.W. Bush agreed to internationalize our economy.   That agreement was akin to blowing a hole in dam.  The water flows out.  Production and money flowed out.  It was a direct hit at the economic heart of America.  And everything that has been done to "fix it" has been like fixing the hole in the dam with chewing gum and bailing wire. 

The reorganization of government that occurred during the Clinton Administration was supposedly to cut costs and increase efficiency.  Do you see it?   Any benefits apparent?   Of course not.  That's because what they did was to establish a corporate structure of government (enterprise architecture), contract out government functions to profit making corporations - except for the "core mission"  of security.  That's the marketing language.  The reality is that the core mission is the police state. 

The Public-Private Partnerships are government power sharing arrangements that leave in place the illusion of a government but in reality, the power is in the hands of the profit making corporations with the non-profits as the their front groups.   The Public-Private Partnership "power-sharing"  arrangement is the Communist system of governance.  Communism is just a label attached to a system that treats people as objects to be managed and not as individuals.  Communism serves corporate interests because it allows them to turn people into virtual slaves for the profit of the few.   It allows them to implement systems of control for least cost of maintenance of the slave force for the oligarchs. 

There is no better proof of corporate control of this country, than in the redesign of the education system as it is being integrated into "work" via the Trojan Triangle System.  This is a system of child labor.  It's a system slavery - indentured servitude. And it's a system of lifelong control of the economic wellbeing of future Americans.  We are sacrificing the children at the alter of corporate profits.     

A simple search on "worker skills" will bring you MILLIONS of links describing the corporate-communist system.   With just a little bit of effort, you can read what they planned to do to America's children: 




U.S. Secretary of labor:  LEARNING A LIVING


The rhetoric to sell this idea was that they would produce a 21st century workforce that would allow them to "compete in the global economy".  Logic check:   Compete with whom?    Communist China with their 50 cents per hour wages?   And India with their $3.00 per hour engineers and programmers?   Compete for what?  Compete to be the most compliant and subservient workers? 

There is a solution for this.  We need to take our country back from the corporations.  The first step is to take back the economy of our country from the control of the multinational corporations.  We need to get out of the international agreements that gave away the economic power of this country.  And we need to replace the corporate tax system.  Just junk the whole thing and place a 15% tax on gross sales with a deduction for only for property taxes and the cost of domestic, non-executive workers.  An exemption of the first $500,000 of sales could be implemented to encourage small businesses growth. 

One of the most powerful tools in the arsenal of the corporate propagandists is to say, "do it for the children".  That's what I'm saying too.   For the sake of the children, bring down this corporate oligarchy. 

Vicky Davis
October 6, 2010