Subordination of National Sovereignty

As we in the Internet research community try to find the kernels of truth in the kaleidoscope of lies we are always looking for the magic bullet -- the one thing we can say to make people understand the gravity of the situation in which we find ourselves.  The closest thing I've seen to the magic bullet is the phrase  'subordination of national sovereignty' because that is in fact, the overriding theme for everything that is happening in this country and has been happening since the founding of the United Nations in 1945. 

It doesn't matter whether you look at the education system, immigration reform, Agenda 21, collective "security", health care, trade policy... name anything and if you trace the ideas to the source, you will find traitors to our nation subordinating national sovereignty.  In fact, it isn't even just subordination of national sovereignty.  It's subordination of the individual.  It's the world turned upside down with people subordinated to the collective.  Even the word subordinated makes me bristle. 

One of the biggest traitors of all is Vice President Joe Biden.  A couple of years ago, Debbie Niwa found a speech given by then Senator Joe Biden over a 3 day period (6/29-7/1/1992) that was published in the Congressional Record.  The titles for each segment of the speech are: 

The Threshold of the New World Order: 
        The Wilsonian Vision and American Foreign Policy in the 1990's and Beyond    

American Agenda for the New World Order: 
        A.  Cementing the Democratic Foundation;
        B.  Forging a New Strategy of Containment

American Agenda for the New World Order: 
        C.  Organizing for Collective Security
        D.  Launching an Economic-Environmental Revolution

Agenda 21 is of course, the economic-environmental revolution.  Northern Command and The Department Homescam Security are part of the "collective security" apparatus.

We need a realignment -  truth and sovereignty.   Subordination to international socialism is not in America's interest and not in the best interest of American children.  


Vicky Davis
February 3, 2013