Torture by Stupidity

Is it possible to stay sane in an insane world?   I don't think so.  This morning as I watched C-Span and the guests were talking about the health care reform, I felt like I was being tortured - tortured by stupidity.  It made me angry.  Not that the people talking are stupid - not at all.  But the arguments on both sides are stupid from the standpoint that the talking points don't address the real problems in health care which is the cost which effects availability.  And what makes me most angry is that the problem really didn't exist until government created it - and I'm not talking about Medicare.  I'm talking about legislation that encouraged 'for profit' hospitals which caused the virtual elimination of the non-profit hospitals, the deregulation of insurance - again, encouraging profit-making health insurance over non-profit.  And the actuarial attack on insurance, allowing the large corporations to become self-insured pulling the majority of healthy people out of the insurance pools leaving only individuals and small businesses to cover their own health care expenses on premiums with the insurance company skimming off the top.  The last number I heard was $800.00 per month for an individual policy.  That's not insurance.  That's a Christmas Club account - but of course, when the time comes for you to draw on it, they'll drop you and keep your money.

But it isn't just health care of course.  It's 'Green Jobs'.  It's the government takeover of the automakers.  It's the globalization and "free trade" fraud that is killing the economy.  It's the fraudulent banker bailout that isn't a bailout of the banks at all.  We don't know what happened to the money but I suspect that it's being used to buy out the private owners of business that are not "Green"  or to become "partners" in the business that the current government deems acceptable for a "Green World".   Or possibly to build more of the economic development zones that will put private sector small businesses out of business because of the tax advantages of the zones. 

Of course, the "green jobs" aren't real jobs that will contribute to the long-term health of the economy.  They are just make-work during the transition stage to a communist system modeled after China's system.   For the oligarchs at the top, there is no better system than a government controlled slave system - especially in the technological era where once it is in place, freedom will be gone forever.   That's the future for America.  And nobody in the mainstream public arena is talking about it.  It's only discussed in the "alternative media" on  talk radio programs like Darren Weeks and Nancy Levant's program, "Govern America"  on Republic Broadcasting.   Yesterday's guest was Niki Raapana who became an accidental expert on Communitarianism (probably the more proper name for communism) when she engaged in battle with them in Seattle in 2001. 

If you've never been to Niki's website, "Anti-Communitarian League", then you really need to set aside some time for it.  In particular, I would recommend a section titled, "What is the Hegelian Dialectic?".    The 'Torture by Stupidity' that I experienced this morning is because the problems with our health care system were created intentionally.  They are Hegelian Dialectics and that's the reason why the solutions don't really address the problems.  Creating problems in order to provide 'system changing' solutions is an inexact science.  In order to pull one off, it requires media complicity, the use of "experts" - very smart people who are willing to say very stupid things or alternately credentialed morons who don't know the difference.   Either way, it's torture for any thinking person who applies logic, history (experience) and reason to any given problem and especially the "focus problems" that the media chooses to dramatize.

In case you think it's not possible that communitarian planners would have the audacity to plan to do harm for what ultimately in their mind might be to do "good", I would direct you to read a paper titled, "Catastrophic Terrorism:  Elements of a National Policy".   A more appropriate title would have been, "Hegelian Dialectics as the Driver for National Policy".   This report was produced by:

Ashton Carter 
John M. Deutch     (Info not in his bio)
Philip D. Zelikow  

The events of September 11, 2001 were obviously Hegelian Dialectics complete with the media complicity.  Three buildings were destroyed on that day using controlled demolition.  The DC Sniper, Columbine, Waco, Ruby Ridge, Virginia Tech, bombing of the Murrah Building, the "collapse" (by dynamite)  of the bridge in Minnesota, the raging forest fires in the west that suddenly, magically stopped - no doubt after some piece of legislation was passed - were all dialectics.  They were made for TV events for purposes of "building consensus" for public policy changes.  An attack from the "right" serves the agenda of building the police state.  An attack from the left serves the social agenda.  All attacks serve the agenda of the implementation of the Communitarian system of control over all aspects of life in the United States and the attacks will continue until "The System" is fully implemented and all freedom is gone.

The fact that I recognize it no doubt makes me a "terrorist" - at least according to the MIAC report.   I don't really care about that because - at least so far, "thinking" is not against the law.  What I do care about - and what tortures me on a daily basis is to see what's happening to this country, to know what the outcome will be and to be almost completely powerless to do anything about it.   And I'm so very sorry for that. 


Vicky Davis
 June 14, 2009