Torture is Living in America Today

Waterboarding is not the only form of torture.  There is also intellectual torture and right now, the United States is the center of the universe for it.  As a citizen analyst in the information war, I am tortured every single day by the stupidity of the public dialogue concerning "reforms", the insipid discussions by alleged experts in which they discuss the problems and then offer solutions that will exacerbate the problems - if they actually address the problems at all.   I am tortured by the mealy-mouthed, cowardly prostitutes in Congress who yammer on and then vote on legislation that they haven't read - shrugging and saying, "what could I do"?   I am puzzled by the invisibility of state legislators and the complicity of the state government officials who take the federal money rather than standing for principle.   

Guaranteed that a majority of people who read the above paragraph would say, "you're torturing yourself so if you don't like it, just shut it out and go shopping".  I wish I could.  I don't know how not to care even though I'm old and the world that is being built right now won't effect me.  I read.  I remember.  I think and I extrapolate.  In the twisted, upside down, illogical world of today, that makes me a terrorist according to official government policy.   I grew up in America and I'm growing old in a budding Stalinist Russia.  And that tortures me. 

The next thing those people would say is, "what makes you think you smarter than the experts"?   I don't think I'm smarter than the experts but I do think I'm more honest than the experts.  I don't do my thinking within a framework of deception.  They do.  The deceptive framework that they are working within - is that globalization is a good thing and that we must continue on with it.   Do you know what globalization is?    Globalization is redistribution of wealth - stealing yours and exporting it to the people in other countries in the world. It's a world in which corporations don't compete because they've carved up "markets" for themselves - using government to control resources and kill competition.  It is asking you to compete as a gladiator worker with one arm tied behind your back, a ball and chain on your leg, the wind blowing sand in your face and a governor on your mind.  

There is a narrow window of opportunity to turn this around but the window is closing fast.  You must act NOW!  NOW!  NOW!   to stop globalization and to drain the pus pocket that is Washington DC - beginning first with your state government and your state representatives.   If we fail to do that, we will have disgraced ourselves, dishonored our ancestors and our children will pay the price for our cowardice. 


Vicky Davis
July 5, 2009