The Washington DC Cesspool

If ever the United States has been in more trouble, I don't know of the time.  Washington DC has become a cesspool of corruption.  The government doesn't function in the interests of the American people, rather it serves the interests of whoever - foreign or not, who can pay the most to the lobbyists who in turn find ever more creative ways to payoff Congress and the administrators of government.  There are so many ways the American people are being cheated by the residents of DC volumes could be - and probably have been written.  Yet nothing seems to change except to get worse as years go by. 

There has always been corruption in government because of the power and amount of money involved, but the real downfall into the sewer began with deregulation and the privatization of government.   By definition, the privatization of government is the transition of power to profit-making corporations making you what?   A slave.   The fruits of all your labors are being "assessed" in one way or another to pad the pockets of the profit-seeking corporate "governance" fronts.   And if nothing is done about it, it will only get worse.  One of the best and most obvious examples is the fact, the entire U.S. transportation system is being designed to increase efficiency for the transport of imported goods for the largest cartels that will ultimately control all economic activity in the U.S.   Those cartels would be Walmart, Home Depot, FED-EX, UPS, Microsoft, CISCO, Dell, ADM, Lockheed, etc.   You will pay billions of dollars to redesign and build high-tech highways to increase profits for these corporations while you struggle to put food on the table, pay your electric bill and put gas in the car.  And the final insult will be that you'll have to pay a toll - probably by the mile - to drive on the new high-tech highways once they are built. 

The same corporations I mentioned above are 'transforming' the system of education in the United States to ensure that American children are not educated.  Rather, they are being conditioned to the slave mentality by orienting the curriculum to "worker values".  This will ensure perpetuation of the government for profit because the children coming up won't know any better. 

So what is the solution?   As I was thinking of all the things that need to be done, I became overwhelmed and felt like vomiting.  I don't think there are enough honorable people in this country anymore to do what needs to be done to bring integrity back to government. 

August 24, 2008    


This is too easy.   A corporate managed government built around the concept of "security".  Profits a little low?  Blow up a building or a bridge.  Set a fire.   Turn a mentally ill Manchurian candidate loose with a gun. 

Jesus people   .... WAKE UP!