Idaho Eagle Forum 

Immediate Legislative Alert

The Idaho House of Representatives is scheduled to vote on H752, a bill to authorize the Idaho State Board of Education to adopt rules to provide for a statewide Student Information Management System (SIMS).  Idaho Eagle Forum implores the House members to vote NO on authorizing the Board to develop and implement this system. 
The SIMS system is the critical component that is required to implement the ‘cradle-to-grave’ information and control system to support the Marxist-Leninist system of Polytechnical Education known as 'School-to-Work' in the United States. 
The architect of this system was Marc Tucker of the National Center on Education and the Economy.  On the diagram of the system (below), the comments in blue italics are quotes from Marc Tucker's description of the system in a letter that he wrote to Hillary Clinton in 1992That letter was placed into the Congressional Record in 1998 by Congressman Bob Schaeffer of Colorado.  The letter appears on pages E1819 through E1825 of the Congressional Record.
This system was not designed for the benefit of children; nor was it designed to benefit the schools.  It was designed for the benefit of employers - similar to a system you would find in a manufacturing plant that produces machines.  It is a supply chain management system for human labor.   
At the bottom of the diagram, you will see that Karen McGee is the liaison person between the Idaho Board of Education and the Workforce Development Council.    Note the Goals of the Workforce Development Council.  She has been coordinating the common coding system (infrastructure) between the school assessment systems and the Workforce Development System.   
Vote NO on this Marxist-Leninist system of labor control and management
Vote NO on H 752







March 9, 2006