2006 Annexation Reform

Immediate Legislative Alert


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Update: This Annexation reform bill HO779 will be heard by the House Local Government Committee, Tuesday, March 14, '06, in the Gold Room(4th floor) of the Capitol at 3pm. Time may change, so it wouldn't hurt to be early.

Rep. Bayer's suggestions on testimony:

'Please encourage folks to take a flier regarding how to testify. Those who can't make it to the hearing can submit written testimony. I would tell folks from outside the treasure valley, they are probably better off to email, etc., rather than travel too far for the hearing; especially since we don't know the outcome. Also, testimony should be professional (as you well know, but I want it repeated for all), brief, and folks should not repeat the same thing. I'm working fellow legislators as much as I can.

Let's get the word out, statewide, as much as possible'.


All our District 21 Legislators are active in supporting our RIGHT to VOTE on 'Forced Annexations", as are many other Legislators from all sections of Idaho. For this effort to succeed ALL of YOU Must get involved in contacting the Legislators, telling them to vote YES!! Get all your friends, relatives STATEWIDE to do the same.

It can be a simple message: VOTE YES for Reps Moyle & Bayer's bill, HO779, to change the Idaho's Forced Annexation law to allow a vote under certain circumstances, providing for the 'Consent of the Governed'.


How you & your friends can contact your legislators: Since the Legislature is now in session, it is probably best to contact them at the Statehouse.

Legislative Services Office; 208-332-1000 (they take messages for all Legislators).

Toll Free; 1-800-626-0471

E-mail; infocntr@lso.state.id.us

FAX; 1-208-334-5397

Web Page: www.state.id.us/

Hearing Impaired: 800-626-0471

By Mail: (name of Representative &/or Senator)

Idaho State Legislature

State Capitol Building

P.O. Box 83720

Boise, ID 83720-0081 ( for Senators)

83720-0038 (for Representatives)

You may contact your State Legislators via: Email:

Or you can address them individually as follows:

First letter of first name, then 1st, 7 letters of last name, @senate.idaho.gov

Or.... @house.idaho.gov.

Example: Senator Hal Bunderson... hbunders@senate.idaho.gov

Note: You can call the 800 number and tell the operator that you wish to leave your message for an individual Representative or Senator, all of those in your district or all Representatives or all Senators or all the Legislators. Or you can leave your message for all the members of a specified committee, i.e. Senate Local Government, etc. All it takes is one phone call!

Letters can also be taken to the Statehouse mail room in the basement or to the Legislative Services Information Center on the third floor. No postage is needed if you leave them at either of these places.

Be sure your return address is on the envelope, emails, faxes.

All mail must contain your name & address, contact number, etc.

You can go to www.legislature.idaho.gov/ to see all the information about the annexation reform bill & all the Bills and where they are at in the system..

ALSO, you can personally contact the legislators in the Capital Building:

As individual citizens we get more recognition, by not acting as a group we avoid having to be registered as a lobbyist. Individual citizens have the right to discuss legislation without registering as a lobbyist.

This effort must be coordinated and a record kept of each contact to eliminate duplication and allow for coordinated follow-up. If you make contact with a legislator about the Annexation Reform Bill, Please contact John V. Brewer(362-9648), Bob Johnson(362-1211) &/or Bob Kunesh(362-5054), with your best guess on how they will vote

As citizens we have access to the Rotunda area on 3rd & 4th floor, the galleries on 4th floor, the House & Senate floor when there are not in session, and offices. Offices and Leg. Chambers are on the 3rd floor, some offices are on the 1st floor, the underground walkway & basement of the Jordan Bldg. Committee meetings are on the 3rd & 4th floor. We can attend committee meetings/hearings. We are not allowed on the Chamber Floor during session. We can ask the pages/guards to deliver messages to individual Legislators in their office or on the floor, asking them to meet us in the rotunda

There are stairways from the 3rd floor to the 4th floor, inside the chamber doors, so the legislators do not have to come out of the chambers to go between floors

Focus on our message, not rebuttal of opposition claims. We can respond to these claims if a legislator brings it up. Ask legislators you know or have met to introduce you to others.

Legislatures Schedule (+/-) (M-F) This is very changeable, particularly later in the session.

Usually during the 1st 2 weeks the Legislative Schedule is fairly loose, Very few committee meetings.

8:00-10:30am, office &/or committee meetings

10:30-Noon, Senate & House sessions, will start earlier later in the session.


1:30-2:30pm, Sessions continue as scheduled.

1:30-5:30 pm, committee meetings &/or office.

Badge colors: Black: Representatives White: Senators

Blue: House staff Mustard: Senate staff Brown: Media

Green: Lobbyists, Red: State bureaucrats, Orange: College interns

Media offices, Legislative Services and Capital P.O. are in the Basement. Legislative Service Center is on the 3rd floor. You can leave mail for legislators there. They MUST have your return address.

A MUST!!! In all contact with the Legislators, be polite, friendly, calm & be direct, straight forward & FRIENDLY. Remember you are trying to gain their support!! You can't do that by calling them names, etc.

Remember, we need their support, to pass House Bill No. 779 !!!

FYI: 2006 ID Legislative Committees that should hear Annexation Reform Bill

Best Guess on their VOTE Mar. 5 06

2006 SENATE LOCAL GOVERNMENT & TAXATION COMMITTEE (9) Committee Meets Tu, W, TH (for meeting time & room, see info board on 3rd floor)

Committee Office: Room 426 Secretary Shelly Sheridan 322-1319

Note: Annexation Reform bill did not get out of SLG&T committee, in 03, '04 & 05.

Vote best guess

14S Sen. Hal Bunderson (R) Meridian Chairman N

34S Sen. Brent Hill (R) Rexburg Vice Chmn. Y

07S Sen. Joe Stegner Lewiston N

12S Sen. Curt McKenzie (R) Nampa N

20S Sen. Gerry Sweet (R) Meridian Y

22S Sen. Tim Corder (D) Mountain Home ?

28S Sen. J. Stanley Williams (R) Pingree ?


Secretary Barbara Allumbaugh 322-1147 Room 408

Committee meets even days, in the afternoon, time & room depends on when the floor session ends.

05 Vote on Annexation Reform bill.

26B Rep. Lenore Barrett (R) Challis Chairman Y

21B Rep. Cliff Bayer (R) Boise Vice Chmn Y

12B Rep. Gary Collins (R) Nampa Y 03A Rep. Jim Clark (R) Hayden ?

31A Rep. Larry Bradford (R) Franklin Y

04A Rep. Marge Chadderdon (R) Coeur D'Alene ?

05B Rep. Frank Henderson (R) Post Falls ?

16B Rep. Jana Kemp (R) Boise ?

Public Testimony will be taken, by both committees!!! Have printed summaries of your testimony to distribute to the committee members and the Committee Secretary. Then YOUR TESTIMONY will become part of the permanent record.


March 9, 2006