What is the New World Order?

The New World Order is a global system of fascist corporate technocratic rule that uses non-profit organizations masquerading as grassroots to facilitate and fabricate consensus for the corporate agendas that can be summed up to be destruction of the nation-state, dissolution of the concept of citizenship, property rights, privacy rights, and all other rights rooted in the concepts of nations and citizens.

The New World Disorder is the process of conversion of the nation-state to the market-state.  It is corporate tyranny unleashed as they seek to solidify their hold on power.


This website is dedicated to exposing the means, methods and systems of the fascist technocrats who are attempting to redefine the rules for life on the planet earth.  They must be stopped in order for the average person to be free of tyranny. 

Vicky Davis
September 5, 2011