Harris Miller

President of ITAA and WITSA

  • Engineered global labor arbitrage in the high tech industries damaging millions of American high tech workers 
  • Duplicity - pretends to represent American Technology Companies while actually representing Indian Technology Industry and expatriated multinational corporations
  • Lobbys the American Congress for legislation that benefits the Indian and ITAA corporations - against the interests of the American people and the United States
  • Lies through his teeth regarding the impact of outsourcing and the importation of H-1B foreign workers on the United States
  • He is an immigration lobbyist who masquerades as an expert in technology issues


Harris Miller is an immigration lobbyist who made his name in labor arbitrage when his firm, Immigration Services Associates was hired in the 1980’s as a consultant/lobbyist for the National Council of Agricultural Employers.  In 1982, the Council raised a million dollars for the campaign of George Deukmejian.  “Between 1983 and 1990, Deukmejian began shutting down enforcement of the state's historic farm labor law. According to the UFW: “Thousands of farm workers lose their UFW contracts. Many are fired and blacklisted”.[1] 


During that period, Miller used a strategy of propaganda to create the image of ‘shortages’, which he then used as evidence to lobby for the increased supply of imported migrant farm workers.  He supplied the media with stories "fields full of crops, just lying there, rotting in the sun because of the 'crisis' of a 'shortage' of farm workers."[2]  He then used that as evidence to lobby lawmakers to allow massive importation of temporary farm workers from Mexico to ‘save the crops’ thereby breaking the United Farm Workers Union.


In 1995, Harris Miller became president of the Information Technology Association of America (ITAA).  Since that time, he has honed his strategy of ‘shortage’ and lobbying for remedies.  With the big money backing of the Information Technology corporations - (400, 11,000 or 26,000 members depending on who he is talking to), he not only helped flood our labor markets with foreign workers, he used a massive media propaganda campaign to create the image of a shortage while at the same time, he was working proactively to export our high tech sector to India.


In the 1970’s our economy transitioned from a manufacturing economy to an information economy.  As manufacturing was exported, people were trained to work in the information industries - everything from call centers to software development to research and development of new technologies.  Information and high technology were the industries that sustained the economy of our country as manufacturing was exported.  Now those industries are being exported but there is no ‘new economy’ on the horizon.  The economic crisis that our country faces is a direct result of the export of these industries.  It took nearly 40 years to lay waste to our manufacturing base.  It will take only 10-15 years to lay waste to the information and high technology base.  What will remain is a creatively destroyed third world country in economic ruins.


Harris Miller has orchestrated the destruction of our economy by working both sides of the ocean.  Initially, the export of our high technology jobs was done in secret as explained by WIPRO Chairman Azim Premji while “speaking at a seminar organised by the All India Management Association (AIMA) and Bombay Management Association (BMA)”.[3]


“Addressing management students here, Mr Premji explained that when software services were being outsourced, it was done surreptitiously. This was done because it was the requirement of that time. The industry then stood witness to a vast number of layoffs.”


We know that Harris Miller orchestrated the stealth attack on our economy because of a quote from Dewang Mehta, the “Father of India IT”[4].  In March of 2001 at a signing ceremony of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between NASSCOM and ITAA:


According to Mr Mehta, Nasscom and ITAA have been working very closely together for the last five years[5]  Unfortunately, less than a month after making this statement, poor Mr. Mehta, only 38 years old, was found dead in his hotel room - died of a surprise heart attack while attending an IT conference in Australia[6] ]


That would put the timing for the start of the Indian takeover of our high technology sector at about 1996 shortly after Miller went to work for ITAA.  Not coincidently, this was about the same time that the media frenzy was starting over the dot.com boom and the Y2k date rollover problem.  The dot.com boom - later called tech bubble[7]), with a few notable exceptions, was a fraud[8].  The boom turned to bust virtually overnight in the spring of 2000.  In hindsight, the boom served a number of purposes that served the financial interests to the tune of billions of dollars for the tech corporations that Miller represents.  The money spent engineering the dot.com boom was petty cash compared to that.[9] 


The dot.com fraud[10], the bankruptcies of WorldCom, Global Crossing, Tyco and others took over a trillion dollars out of our economy - stolen right out of the pockets of American investors and employees.  All three companies were engaged in the tech industry and were involved in establishing global networks for cheap communications to India and other places around the world.  It wasn’t widely known at the time, but this communications system would come to be the rope that would be used to hang us economically.     


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